The Big Bang Theory Recap: Alex Flirts with Leonard (1/3/13)

When Alex Jensen, Sheldon Cooper’s assistant, flirts with Leonard, Sheldon talks with Alex, who accuses him of acting inappropriately for showing her photos of genitalia with STDs. When Mrs. Davis of Human Resources talks with Sheldon, he “throws the guys under the bus,” which leads to a meeting between Mrs. Davis and all four guys. When HR mandates that Sheldon take an online sexual harassment test, he orders Alex to ace it.

While Leonard Hofstadter and roommate Sheldon Cooper play Giant Jenga, Alex Jensen comes to pick up eight hours’ recordings of Sheldon’s sleep talk, which Sheldon thinks could be gold. When Alex asks Leonard to dinner, the tower collapses and Sheldon wins.

When Leonard tells Koothrappali and Howard that Alex asked Leonard on a date, Raj thinks that Leonard is Ryan Gosling and accuses Leonard of making the moves on his girl, who he was planning to move in on in six to eight months. Sheldon thinks that Alex should be totally focused on Sheldon’s needs, and not spend on time on Leonard’s androgynous lips. Sheldon forms a Council of Ladies made of Penny, Amy and Bernadette to solve the problem, using fake names which don’t fool anyone. When Bernadette suggests that Sheldon talk with Alex, he shows  a book on sexually transmitted diseases to Alex, who reports him to Human Resources for inappropriate behavior. When Human Resources quotes from Alex’s statement that Sheldon thinks that she’s a slave to her urges, Sheldon says that this is true of all women and tells on all the guys, like Howard building a six-breasted sex robot using university resources.

Leonard violin-serenades his apology to Penny, whose insecurity makes him happy. Penny explains to Leonard that Alex makes her insecure because Alex doesn’t need to look up the dictionary when she gets home, to understand what the guys mean.

Human Resources calls in Leonard, Howard and Raj, who drinks to prepare for his meeting with “Brown Sugar,” who he hopes suspends him. From a swing.

When Human Resources mandates that Sheldon take an online sexual harassment test, he orders Alex to ace it because his time is too precious to spend time on it.

Instead of taking science courses, Penny decides that it would be easier to look like a scientist. She puts on glasses and says “molecules,” which turns Leonard on.

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Image courtesy of  The Big Bang Theory