Ellen DeGeneres: Mark Wahlberg’s Broken City Opens Tomorrow (1/17/13)

Mark Wahlberg tells Ellen about his film Broken City with Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Josh Hopkins says that he and Courtney Cox are just friends, despite going on vacations everywhere together. Ellen gives stray cat advocate 10-year-old Evan Sweitzer a fig stand, and a $ 20,000 check from Fancy Feast. Two audience members play “Stuff Down Your Underpants”  for a trip to Australia.

Ellen says that we should not stop supporting Lance Armstrong’s charities, like Livestrong, which supports cancer, and Nike, which can surely use the money. Talking of secrets, she again mentions Tony’s girlfriend, a joke that hasn’t gone stale.

Ellen shows off her first birthday gift, which is not a bust, as she is on a horse. Ellen adds and deducts points for putting in a duck which she doesn’t have, and for including her cat.

She then shows an Ebay photo of an underpants-less woman with a dress she’s selling. She then asks people to send in photos to “Look at Me, I”m Naked,” a new segment of the Ellen Show.

Two audience members interview John Travolta and Nicole Kidman on the red carpet of “G’Day USA.” One of the audience reporters invited Hugh Jackman to go with her, as she won a ticket for two. Jackman says not to take him, as he lives there. He says that he was jumping up and down on the couch when he saw the Australian giveaway show. Nicole Kidman talked about she still has a hangover from talking to the audience members who won the trip. John Travolta might join Ellen in Australia, in March.

10-year-old Evan Sweitzer donates his allowance, and sells figs to raise funds for City Kitties, a cat rescue in West Philadelphia. Ellen presents him with a

$ 20,000 check from Fancy Feast and a fig stand. Ellen offers to buy figs from him. Ellen shows a photo of Sweitzer dressed up as the Phillies organist last Halloween.

Two-time Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg had half of his toenail removed, because it was growing the wrong way. The pain killer has worn off, so now he’s feeling it. When Ellen asked him to show her, he takes off his sock and shoe. He then tells Ellen that he feels so much better, that his shoes are tighter than his pants. When Ellen asks him to take his pants off, he stands up to screams from the audience. He says that he would, but his 9-year-old daughter and wife watch the show. On Ellen’s suggestion, he goes barefoot. In Broken City, which opens tomorrow, he plays a cop-turned-PI hired by the mayor to check on the mayor’s wife. Wahlberg’s character discovers corruption and goes after the mayor.

Wahlberg’s date at the Golden Globes, where his production Boardwalk Empire lost to Homeland, was Diddy, with whom he is launching a water next week. Wahlberg also talks about going to the dugout to see the New England Patriots, and says that he could be arrested in New Orleans if they don’t make it to the Super Bowl. Wahlberg  just finished shooting The Wahlburgers, about their family restaurant.

Two audience members play “Stuff Your Down Underpants” for a trip to Australia. The one who crosses the line with all the balls down their loose pants wins.

Josh Hopkins of Cougar Town wonders why it took so long to become one of People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Men Alive,” as he’s always been sexy. His German Shepherd, whose photo got “aw”s from the audience, came from German Shepherd Rescue.

That’s our recap of The Ellen DeGeneres show today, 1/17/13. We’ll have another recap tomorrow. Until then, please check out our Ellen DeGeneres Show archives HERE.

Image credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show