Undercover Boss Recap: O’Neill CEO Re-trains Pothead Employee

Undercover Boss resumes tonight, albeit a little early than its scheduled April  19th comeback.  Unfortunately for The Job (hosted by Lisa Ling), viewership has been very dismal; hence, the premature recall of Undercover Boss.

For this episode, the famous active lifestyle brand O’Neill Clothing USA gets its CEO on his feet to check out its local stores and employees. O’Neill markets itself as a cool alternative to a structured routine; more or less a laid-back way of life. The company has sixteen years of surf history with annual revenues exceeding over $200million. Over the past five years, O’Neill’s retail sales has doubled; a feat in itself. Toby’s covert job aims to see which aspects would further the company’s sales without compromising its creed of wearing what they work for.

Toby’s first stop in O’Neill’s outlet store in Las Vegas is a big challenge after meeting Jesus. Jesus lives O’Neill’s creed on the extreme: he talks about pot, has low interest in the products, talks more/ works less and has an attitude that would turn-off any customer. This immensely upsets Toby but slows him down when he learns about Jesus’ struggles, coming off from a broken family.

In Compton California, Toby learns the methods of shirt printing; shirts contribute 40% to the company’s revenues.  Jorge patiently teaches the CEO; something that he commends after his dismal experience with Jesus. Toby realizes that Jorge makes a lot of decisions on the floor especially when the outputs of O’Neill’s design team do not match the printing facilities’ capacities. Toby also learns about Jorge’s dilemma of making ends meet for his family, especially since he has a baby with a rare medical condition.

In O’Neill’s flagship store in Anaheim, California, Toby meets single-mom Desiree and observes her retail marketing strategies that do not match the company’s playbook. Desiree’s outputs are working; Toby realizes that the company’s retail values need to incorporate the ideas of his employees. In Commerce, California, Toby meets the very hard-working Mike who shows him what team work is all about despite a very obsolete Point of Sales system. Mike struggles to support his mother and siblings after losing his house; nevertheless, he still dreams of going back to school.

When Toby unveils his true identity, he provides his honest feedback. Toby realizes that Jesus would grow more as an individual by keeping rather than firing him. Jesus accepts Toby’s offer of retraining him under his tutelage. Jesus will also get a chance to work with the company’s other executives.  Jorge’s years of hard work pays off as he gets to directly work with O’Neill’s design team, gets an upgrade on his pay and benefits, plus a $40,000 fund for his family.

Desiree earns her store a $50,000 staff bonus, an all-expense paid trip to a theme park, paid rent for a year and a personal $20,000 bonus. Finally, Toby upgrades the company’s POS system thanks to his time with Mike. In return he offers Mike a $10,000 bonus and a $40,000 educational fund.

That’s our recap of Undercover Boss today, 2/22/13.  We’ll have another recap next week. Until then, please check out our Undercover Boss archives HERE. 

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  1. Jeff Bryant says

    Im frm L.A originally and currently live on the East Coast. Anyway, I was So moved by the kindheartedness in hawaii at end i actually cried. Not even jokin. Super moving. I been getting samples, here in there, from Lance n Linda in Sat. Beach. I live in I.H.B. and Surf Toppanga n El porto mainly in L.A. -when i visit. I would do anything to get a job in the inustry with your company. Fyi.(Lance doest remember me,im pretty sure-) But cooincidently im watching Tanked: Unfiltered, Tricks of the Trade, and there are at your factory with the Ramps. Please contact me at Jeffreycbryant77@live.com. I love all of the products n the designs. Exelent functoinability! No comment on that guy -(Jesus)-in spanish pronounced-Hezus. Look me up on Facebook if u want to scope me. I can Fly to L.A and work-design with ur top desighners if u would let me.. O’niel is top surf Co.in my opinion!! Hands Down.

  2. says

    Hi my name is rick Ogas i work at huntington beach and i will tell you that i see alot of surfers everyday wearing the oneill colthing all the time i did see the show on tv and it was great to see with that said i wanted to know if toby was ever looking for security in the stores to go in two report any promblems in the stores i have been in security for 22years i live in huntington beach. thank you for your time and i hope you see the comment

  3. Cafrey says

    I was quite imp pressed and touched br te show. Mr. Bose was quick too recognize th good talent and especially the issues withe inventory outward. Having worked on improving processes with technology o years now seeing upper management who actually gets I so quickly is refreshing. The young kid who was well reward rede on the show aw also very good. Make him. Project manager and watch him bloom. Good show. Thnk you,

    Cary steffee