Deception Recap: A Preview of the Audrey Cruz- Ben Preswick Connection

One of the Bowers’ best-kept secrets are made public tonight on Deception, thanks to Edward’s press conference that reveals his company’s massive efforts to hide evidences on the deaths of 107 participants during the test phase of Lyritrol. Robert’s first-born also provides the details on falsifying documents and the families that were paid-off to sweep the tragedies under the rug.

Detective Morano thinks that Edward’s actions are merely to cover himself at the expense of his family’s firm. The Bowers think otherwise: Edward is doing this as an act of retaliation against Robert. The angered patriarch makes a final decision of disowning his son.  In the aftermath of Edward’s media circus, father and son eventually face each other: still, Robert denies having Vivian killed.

Julian is as distraught as Robert, especially when he is tasked to also use the media in countering his brother’s allegations. Such a big responsibility, now that the Bowers’ stock prices are plummeting and Robert is under immense pressure of keeping himself on top of matters. Julian decides to do his investigation on the deaths. Unknown to him, Audrey may just have been part and parcel of his company’s downfall.

From  the outside, Audrey looks as if she’s on Julian’s team (especially since she’s an old fling) but her flashback shows that she has been in contact with Ben Preswick in a devious effort to make him come into equal terms with Vivian (back when she was alive). Is she responsible for Vivian getting hold of the Lyritrol files? Somehow, Edward’s revelations and Julian’s investigation transforms her into a nervous wreck.

Meanwhile, Senator Haverstock is trying hard to save his own life by asking Mia to get tested in the hopes that she may be a possible donor for his bone marrow transplant. With Kyle taking care of Mia’s emotions, the only thing left to do is to ask Robert’s parental consent for Mia’s testing. Robert sees this as an opportunity to use Haverstock in saving his family and fortune, especially when the senator declines to give up the golf club that killed Edward’s girlfriend. Haverstock agrees to the new deal. Unknown to him, Robert’s henchman has already obtained the golf club.

Robert also sends Joanna on an errand to deliver half a million dollars in cash to a trading firm that would save his company. Unfortunately, she gets kidnapped in the parking lot. She still manages to flip the car, escape the man and eventually kill him. In the hospital, Robert asks her to go back to the Bowers’ mansion while forgiving her for losing the money. Unknown to her, Robert is having her investigated after she fails to pass the polygraph test.

Finally, Morano learns that Sophia Bowers has been handing out money to a certain Wyatt Scott. Morano seizes the opportunity of turning Robert’s life upside down by mentioning Wyatt’s name in front of the couple. Sophia declares that Wyatt is Vivian’s drug dealer; truth is, the man is an inmate whom she wants to elope with.

That’s our recap of Deception today, 2/25/13. We’ll have another recap next week. Until then, please check out our Deception archives HERE

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  1. Kay may says

    A chid or a parent can never be a bone marrow match, only siblings are tested. This sort of pissed me off.

  2. Dmitri says

    I really love Deception. I’m watching it right now as I type this. Definately one of the best soaps on TV.