Body of Proof Recap: Adam Lucas’ Wits & Loyalty Save Megan Hunt

Body of Proof’s second installment of its two-part season premier follows Megan Hunt’s attempts to save her abducted daughter from the clutches of Yvonne, Dr. Wallace’s chief nurse. As soon as Megan discovers the bomb inside one of Dr. Wallace’s victims, Yvonne contacts her with instructions to deliver the bomb. Should Megan tell anyone about it, Yvonne won’t hesitate to kill Lacey.

Megan realizes that the dead bodies she discovered during the last episode were in fact utilized to perfect a certain surgical procedure. It appears that this is somebody else’s idea and Dr. Wallace was merely a pawn. Megan tries to keep the information and the bomb to herself until Kate Murphy takes her off the case to investigate the death of young girl who turns out to be Dr. Wallace’s daughter. Yvonne contacts Megan once more and tells her that the girl’s death is merely a preview of Lacey’s fate should Megan fail to keep up as directed.

Racing against time, Megan orders Ethan Gross to do the autopsy on the girl; the results should be shared just between the two of them. She also seeks Karl Simmons’s help in remembering the identity of Dr. Wallace’s accomplice, to no avail. When confronted by Tommy Sullivan, Megan is left with no option but to tell him about Yvonne’s instructions. Tommy decides to put his trust in Adam Lucas who in turn creates a team of trusted cops to protect Megan and Lacey. Despite an apparent dislike for Megan, Adam does his job all because of the Tommy’s confidence in him.

Tommy ‘s strategy includes placing a tracking device in Megan’s bag and monitoring her whereabouts as she waits for Yvonne in a parking lot. Imagine Megan’s surprise when the person who comes to meet her is Simmons! The man she previously rescued abducts her and leads Tommy’s team into a wild goose chase by placing the tracking device in another vehicle similar to what he’s using.

While all of this is happening, Kate forces Ethan to tell the truth on Megan’s whereabouts and what she’s up to. Kate’s unlikely intrusion comes after the District Attorney tells her to responsibly do her job now that the FBI is stepping in the case. Kate decides to set aside her political aspirations and publicity stunts and properly do her job: to trace the real culprit. She provides a clue on where Megan could probably be,  thanks to Adam’s quick wit and focus.

Meanwhile, Megan learns that Simmons and Yvonne are in cahoots to blow up a plane as a means of getting their message across the country: war also forces soldiers suffering from PTSD to kill themselves because they are not getting any help. The game plan entails Megan’s surgical skills in implanting the bomb inside Simmons’ body. With a gun pointed at her and Lacey on the verge of a diabetic shock, Megan does as told. After the surgery, Megan tries to inflict pain on Yvonne but fails. Tommy arrives in time to bring down the woman, give Lacey’s medication and keep Megan safe. A very weak Simmons realizes that the game is over and decides to trigger the bomb at his expense.

That’s our recap of Body of Proof today, 2/26/13. We’ll have another recap next week. 

Image credit: Body of Proof