The Biggest Loser Recap: 5 Finalists Win Immunity after Makeover & Homecoming

The Biggest Loser is now down to the last five adults contestants: Gina, Danni, Jeff, Joe and Jackson. This episode is probably the most exciting part of the show since the finalists are treated to a makeover courtesy of fashion expert Tim Gunn and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves.  Even the children participating in the show (Biingo, Linsay and Sunny) get a much-deserved fashion upgrade.

The sessions with Tim and Ken are remarkable: all the contestants look superb after fitting in smaller sizes of clothing and getting their hair and skin touched up. Among the eight, Joe is the most unrecognizable after losing his facial hair; the combination of his weight loss and styling shows how good-looking he is. Next to Joe, Biingo looks extremely huggable and dapper in his preppy clothes.

Now that they’re all suited up in their new forms, the adult contestants get to show themselves to their families in their respective hometowns. Initially, the contestants’ families and friends are supposed to surprise them; imagine their shock when the finalists show up fully transformed. Look who’s shocked now! The people they’ve left behind share the same sentiments: they’re extremely proud at the massive changes that have transpired in just nine weeks.

The happiest scenes are the ones where the contestants admit just how delighted they feel for shedding off the unnecessary weight by choosing to eat right and get moving. Sunny articulately describes such view: she feels beautiful just for being healthy and genuinely feeling happy for herself. In turn, their families can’t let go of the fact that the contestants look confident, springy and bright after losing so much weight.

The finalists may be spending a substantial time with their loved ones but they still need to accomplish two important goals. The first challenge entails them to lose five percent of their body weight, the victor will earn an immunity from the vote-off. The second challenge requires them to organize and lead a workout session for their community.

Losing a target weight while at home tests everything that the contestants have learned in the ranch. Foremost of which is nutrition especially since a lot of their food supplies are not as healthy as what they’ve been having for the past nine weeks. To accomplish their goals, the contestants enforce a lot of willpower with the help of their loved ones. Jackson decides to get his mother involved in making healthy food options by telling her that their current options are not her fault, that it’s never too late to start learning about the pros and cons of the food they purchase. His mother takes everything constructively to support her son’s goals.

It’s a different ballgame for Gina, Jeff and Joe when eating out becomes a struggle between reverting back to their old habits or following-through with what they have already started in the ranch. All three can’t deny the fact that the oil and fat-rich dishes served in restaurants look sumptuous and extremely tempting; moreso when their companions are actually eating them with gusto. They all resolve to think more of themselves and be less accommodating with what their companions are having. Joe’s family is probably the most inspiring, especially after seeing his twin brother lose so much weight without the benefits of the ranch. Even his entire family has opted to go the healthy way as a means of supporting each other. He sees this as an opportunity to show, especially with what his brother has achieved, that staying fit at home is not that difficult as he initially thought of.

Motivating their family members and friends to get moving also proves to be fun and surprisingly easy. The contestants realize that they have just set themselves as examples of the saying “anything is possible”. We see Sunny’s friends asking her to share more of her health problems and issues, something that they never talked about before. We see Biingo’s sister opening up to him and telling him how much she loves him. Overall, the individual journey has made a resounding impact.

After two weeks at home, the contestants head back to the ranch for the weigh-in. Their trainers (Jillian Michaels, Dolvett Quince and Bob Harper) are back with so much anticipation and jitters, not knowing whether the finalists stayed on course with their weight loss regimen. The ultimate prize may be immunity but without constant supervision and a controlled environment, the results may just turn out to be dismal. Well, not to worry; the finalists look like they kept their goals very close to their hearts the entire time they were away. All of them win immunity after meeting the challenge requirement. Gina registers the highest percentage of fat lost. That being said, the finalists still have one challenge to hurdle before the finale.

That’s our recap of The Biggest Loser today, 3/4/13. We’ll have another recap next week. Until then, please check out our The Biggest Loser archives HERE. 

Image credit:  The Biggest Loser