Body of Proof Recap: Exorcism Case Test Megan Hunt’s Spiritual Faith

The mysterious death of teenager tests Dr. Megan Hunt’s spiritual faith tonight in Body of Proof. This comes after she encounters a case of exorcism, one which is attributed to Rebecca Bank’s sudden death. Rebecca’s family, led by her father Caleb, believes that the devil killed his daughter. Being a scientist and a very objective person, Megan shrugs off this theory.

Megan’s first encounter with Rebecca starts at the City Medical Clinic where she witnesses Dr. Jeff Dante (remember Brian Hallisay in “Privileged” and “The Client List”?) failing to save Rebecca from dying. The circumstances surrounding Rebecca’s death is strange: the air in the clinic suddenly went cold, her eyes are blood red, her body is filled with crucifix bruises, and she broke her own arm while trying to free herself from being bound. While Ethan Gross finds it freaky and wicked, Megan sees it as another case of drug overdose leading to acute cardiac arrest.

Megan joins Tommy as he heads to the Banks’ residence to question the family; they meet Caleb who insists that his daughter was killed by the devil for choosing a path of sin. Caleb threw out his daughter two months ago after learning that she was an addict; he refused to let her back even after Rebecca wanted to return. Tommy suspects Caleb for the death especially after Ethan and Windell see a bed with  cloth used for binding a person and retrieve an 80-year old tooth near it. Is it possible that Caleb is killing his daughters one by one?

Tommy follows this theory especially after learning from a pastor that Caleb asked him to exorcise Rebecca. This time, he’s planning to do the same thing to his other daughter, Chelsea. Tommy and Megan act fast and witness Caleb purging the evil out of a very possessed Chelsea. They also see the girl puncturing her body with a crucifix. Megan steps in to save Chelsea in time but gets the shock of her life when the girl utters “a quarter for your jacket, pumpkin”.  Megan can’t explain how a stranger knew about her childhood conversation with her father, moreso his pet name for her. Now this is something that science can’t explain.

Megan meets Hannah (Caleb’s third daughter) whose spiritual faith is as strong as her father’s. The game changes when Megan’s team finds out that Chelsea used PCP and that Dante has had sexual intercourse with Hannah. As it turns out, Hannah used Dante to access his stash of PCP in the clinic. She then added the drug to her sisters’ food to induce hallucinations and make her father believe that they’re possessed. Hannah took advantage of her father’s doubt in modern medicine and intense faith to make him notice her. Ahh, the classic tale of jealousy.

Tommy and Megan attempt to confront Hannah who opts to shoot herself. When the revolver misfires, Tommy acts quickly and prevents another death. The case is solved but Tommy’s bewildered at the fact that a revolver never misfires, until it happened to Hannah. Chelsea may not remember anything leading about her exorcism but Megan gets the shock of her life when Chelsea reminds her to “go learn something”. These were her father’s parting words on the day he talked about giving her a quarter each time she didn’t forget her jacket.

That’s our recap of Body of Proof today, 3/5/13. We’ll have another recap next week. Until then, please check out our Body of Proof archives HERE.

Image credit: Body of Proof