Dr. Oz & Diabesity: Secrets to Losing 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks (3/5/13)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Drew Pinsky guests on the show to talk about the latest of five Celebrity Rehab deaths. The last half of the show covers our headline – secrets to losing 20 pounds in 6 weeks. “Diabesity” is probably something you’ve rarely heard of, and that’s even if you’ve heard of it all. But, we’re sure you’ve heard of diabetes and obesity. “Diabesity” is the deadly combination of the two.

Mindy McCready is the last unfortunate death on the show and Dr. Drew says that “she died of stigma.” Dr. Oz asks if he feels responsible for these deaths? Dr. Drew replies that he wishes he could be “more responsible” so that he could have helped them more. Mackenzie Phillips, a former cast member of Celebrity Rehab, guests on the show to talk about her problems with addiction. She’d been in rehab several months before, but what made the difference for her on the show was Dr. Drew, she shares.

With substances like alcohol and pharmaceuticals, the pleasure centers and survival centers in your brain fire up. As Dr. Drew says, the “do it again” part of your brain keeps wanting more and more. Unfortunately, your brain will also need more and more to be able to feel the same “high” and this only continues to feed your addiction. Prescription medicines like demerol, percocet, oxycontin, fentanyl, vicodin, and hydrocodone are the top addictive prescription painkillers that you should be most careful with.

Diabetes + Obesity = “Diabesity.” Dr. Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman (author of “The Blood Sugar Solution”) talk about this new phenomenon that is becoming more and more prevalent in America. Are you in danger of “diabesity”? Answer these questions:

  • Do you have belly fat?
  • Do you crave sugar and/or refined carbs?
  • Has your doctor told you have high blood pressure or high triglycerides?
  • Are you inactive?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are at risk or are already a “diabesity” statistic. The solution? Dr. Hyman says it’s all about what you eat – you are what you eat. To reverse diabesity, try out the following tips:

  • Avoid foods containing MSG.
  • Throw out “Frankenfoods” or food containing ingredients you can’t recognize or even pronounce. Keep it simple by eating real food.
  • Avoid dairy when possible as it increases insulin levels.

On Dr. Hyman’s blood sugar solution plan, he shares some principles that he says we should follow to cleanse our bodies and lose weight:

  1. 2 to 1 Veggies Plate – Your plate of food should be 50% veggies, 25% protein, and 25% carbs.
  2. Become a “Qualitarian” – Stop counting calories and eat quality calories instead. 240 calories of veggies is a lot better for you than 240 calories of soda.
  3. Get an oil change – replace vegetable oil with grape seed oil; butter oil with coconut butter.

From the “Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook” try out these two meals: 1) Sweet Potato Burgers, and 2) Almond-Flax Crusted Chicken. You can find the ingredients and instructions on Dr. Oz’s website in the link below.

That’s our recap of Dr. Oz today, 3/5/13. We’ll have another recap tomorrow. Until then, please check out our Dr. Oz archives HERE.