NCIS Recap: Reporter Copycat Kills to Save Career (3/5/13)

Gibbs’ barber Frankie asks Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs to look into the Dead Rose Slasher case, as the killer sketch looks like Frankie’s son Cameron. The killer turns out to be Bill Crowley, a reporter who copycats the killer to save his career. Detective Shard had given Crowley case file copies and had missed blacking out the tell, a silver wedding ring left with the victims.

Lance Corporal Douglas Alexander steals $ 120,000 from the base and leaves with a civilian, Melissa Tourney. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs sends Special Agent Tony DiNozzo and Dorney from Evidence Locker to the Bahamas, where Tourney has flown. When Tourney smiles at Tony, he goes over to say hey. Tony and Dorney arrest Douglas when he shows up. Tourney is in custody in the Bahamas and awaits extradition.

Gibbs’ barber Frankie suspects that his son, Cameron Dean, is the Dead Rose Slasher, as he looks like the witnesses’ sketch, the killings stopped when Cameron was gone, and he was not home on the days of the killings. Detective Bill Shard picks up Dean when Shard sees Dean’s photo on Special Agent Ziva David’s desk. Wasn’t Shard cleared through security before he entered NCIS?

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto teams up with former roommate Boone and finds DNA in a rose from three years ago; it belongs to the Dead Ringer Leo Winkler, whose mom is, like the victims, an intravenous drug user. The recent killings were made by a copycat, the left-handed Bart Crowley, the reporter who was going to be let go. When the killings stopped, his career stopped, too. Detective Shard had given Crowley copies of the reports, so Crowley knew about the silver wedding rings in all the victims. Shard had blacked out references to the rings, but missed one.

Gibbs and Shard arrest Crowley in front of his camera crew.

The touchy-feely part is when Cameron and Frankie hug in Frankie’s Crew Cuts. Gibbs calls up his dad to say hi.

To get back at Tony for telling Dorneggan that there’s a qualifying test and for arranging a 3 am wake up call in the Bahamas, Director Leon Vance arranges for a fake audit of Tony’s expenses for the past two years.

That’s our recap of NCIS today, 3/5/13. We’ll have another recap on 3/19/13. Check out our NCIS archive HERE.

Image Credit: NCIS