The Taste Recap: Sassy Diane DiMeo Edges Out Jeff Mahin, Earns 4th Spot in Finale

The Taste’s Semifinals is on! Tonight, the remaining seven cooks are tasked to create their sexiest dish for a chance to get in next week’s finals. To date, Ludo Lefebvre has the most members in his team (Paul Caravelli, Gregg Drusinsky and Sarah Shiear) followed by Brian Malarkey (Khristianne Uy and Jeff Mahin).  Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson each have one member left (Diane DiMeo and Lauren Scott, respectively). Who among them will fill up the four spots for the show finale?

Seductive dishes are front and center in the two challenges. The team test has Ingrid McMillan judging the most sensual spoonful. Immunity is stripped off which equalizes the playing field; instead, the winning contestant gets a set of gourmet cookware. For this challenge, the teams are given an hour to whip up individual dishes and select the one which will be tasted by Ingrid. Lauren reveals that she may be a virgin but nothing will stop her from experiencing all the sexiness in the kitchen.

Ludo’s male cooks are currently fighting off whatever revulsion they’re feeling for their mentor. Paul, whose dishes are often overlooked, feels that Ludo’s choice of ingredients for the challenge falls nowhere near the area of seduction. Gregg, who was extremely upset with Ludo’s attitude in the previous episode, tries to hold it together. The only person where Ludo’s charms still have an effect is Sarah; she feels that Ludo is teaching her a lot about cooking.  She may just be right as she wins the first challenge.

For the solo taste, the cooks are given a freehand in choosing their ingredients which will be obtained from a nearby farmers’ market. They’re given another hour to prepare their concoctions. While the contestants are busy in the kitchen, the judges air our their sentiments. Anthony feels that this challenge is way too subjective; he feels that Diane’s dish is far better than Sarah’s. The other judges also raise the issue as to why Ludo never gives Paul the chance to show off his dishes. This one falls on deaf ears: all Ludo can hear is his own voice saying he’s a good mentor.

Khristianne’s dish consisting of uni, king crab and eggs topped with champagne earns her three stars, a feat in the show. This also seals her spot in the finals. She joins Sarah and Gregg whose dishes provides them free passes from scrutiny and directly into the finale. The final spot is a choice between Jeff’s uni sahimi and Diane’s chocolate and berry dessert. The judges opt to go with the dessert over raw fish.

That’s our recap of The Taste today, 3/5/13. We’ll have another recap next week. Until then, please check out our The Taste archives HERE. 

Image credit: The Taste