60 Minutes Recap 3/17/13: Twitter Founder Makes Everyone a Seller

American nuns have Vatican worried over their stand on female priests, among others. Twitter Founder John Dorsey wants to run for New York mayor. Dorsey is also the Founder of Square, which makes anyone with a phone a seller. Hit Man John Veasey has put behind bars two dozen members of the Mob, including some for life.

American nuns have caused what Vatican calls a “crisis,” as they call for women priesthood, which the Vatican does not even want to discuss. The Vatican is concerned that the nuns have not been vocal on abortion and same-sex marriage. Sr. Pat Farrell says that they are vocal about the value of life. She does not want to do good work outside the Church, because she says that she is the Church.

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey is running for New York Mayor. Like Steve Jobs, he was ousted from Twitter then asked back in. He now has two jobs, as he has also put up Square, which makes anyone with a phone a seller. You can run the credit card through the earphone jack, and sign on the white square on the phone. He goes to the coffee shop near his office, Elite, and orders latte. His face and name come up in the computer, and the cashier punches in the amount of his purchase. An email is sent to him confirming his purchase. His competitor is PayPal. Google and Walmart are coming up with their versions. I don’t thoroughly understand it, but Square sounds cool and could kill the credit card industry as we know it.

Hit Man John Veasey joined the Witness Protection Program when his brother Billy told him that he was going to be killed. Since joining the Program, he has put behind bars two dozen Mob people, including some for life. In the past five years, he has been arrested four times, including assaulting a guy who had 25 stitches and plastic surgery. He has also left a threat in the voice mail of Mob Boss John Ciancaglini: “I don’t give a (expletive) if I get caught…I will get you, John.” Ciancaglini was acquitted of the charge of killing Billy.

DOCX, which 60 Minutes covered two years ago for forging mortgage documents, has agreed to pay $35 million in settlements. A guy who was “Vice-President” of five companies, said that he was paid $10 an hour to forging signatures on documents.

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Image Credit: 60 Minutes