Dr. Oz: Charlie Sheen’s Love Life & Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien’s Food Rules for 2013 (3/21/13)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, Charlie Sheen gets a bit of counseling and an eye-opening reveal about the dangers of his lifestyle especially when it comes to his smoking habit. Dr. Oz says he’s genuinely concerned about Charlie in light of recent about his much talked about breakdown. Plus, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien guests on the show once more to share some rules and tips when we out so we can lose weight in 2013.

Charlie Sheen issued a statement last week apologizing for sexually-related statements he made that wronged a public official. Currently, however, he is dating but just dating one person and it is a woman (Dr. Oz jokingly asked for clarification). Dr. Oz asks because he does follow the tabloids and wonders about Charlie’s emotional intimacy with others.

Charlie says he’s been married three times, and is still a “hopeless romantic.” (Though he admits he got married on his 30th birthday just so he wouldn’t forget his anniversary.) But is he a sex addict, Dr. Oz asks. Charlie basically replies yes and no – he shares he does have quite a number of girlfriends who drop by his place which leads to other things but again he is happily in love with just one person.

With big news, Dr. Oz announces that Charlie is going to be a grandpa. Charlie himself already has five children of his own, and he thinks it’s “pretty cool.” His own kids he says are doing pretty good. What kind of dad are you, Dr. Oz asks. Charlie says he’s “really good, really real” and wants all his children close and even within the same neighborhood. But how does he act as a role model for his kids despite all the things we already know about him? Charlie says he just remains honest with his kids; he doesn’t lie to them.

How does Charlie want to be remembered? Charlie replies that by saying that if he ate steak then everybody ate steak; he and everyone could rely on him and have a good time. Donning the purple gloves, Dr. Oz shows Charlie Sheen a pair of healthy lungs with a pair of tarred lungs. Cigarette smoking has made the tarred lungs heavy and full of holes, a “snap shot of horror” Charlie describes. Finally, Charlie says “he’ll stop trying [to smoke].” And with a big hug, Dr. Oz and Charlie Sheen part ways.

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shares her “Food Rules” for 2013:

  1. Make a plan. If you’re going out to a restaurant, check out your choices ahead of time – and make those choices healthy choices. Also, watch out for sneaky menu words and descriptions like “home made.” In addition, have an appetizer (Lisa always orders a  shrimp cocktail).
  2. Give your pizza a “make-under.” Order thin crust, and then order half the cheese. Also, beware of veggie fakers, i.e. a typical eggplant pizza has about 370 calories as it’s breaded, fried, and has tons of oil on it. You can also blot your pizza by taking a napkin to soak up the extra oil.
  3. Egg drop soup or chicken noodle, which of the two is best for you? Lillien gives us a trick question as both dishes are best to start off a meal. So, don’t forget that soup along with your appetizer.
  4. Have it your way. Special order and ask for what you want. For example, at a Chinese restaurant ask for your orders to be steamed instead of the traditional fried dishes.
  5. Use chopsticks. This will slow you down and ultimately help you to actually lose weight.

That’s our recap of Dr. Oz today, 3/21/13. We’ll have another recap tomorrow. Until then, please check out our Dr. Oz archives HERE.