The Amazing Race Recap 3/31/13: Pam & Winnie Eliminated in Africa

Pam & Winnie, who start the race at 2nd place, are eliminated in the 7th leg of The Amazing Race, for not memorizing animal cut-outs in correct order. Max & Katie think that they are last, but end up 2nd to last. Host Phil Keoghan breaks the good news to them in front of Joey & Meghan. Bates & Anthony fast forward to the pit stop.

Bates and Anthony fast forward to the pit stop by jet-skiing through crocodile waters, winning $ 7,500 each for finishing this leg first, their third win. Jennifer & Caroline and Max & Katie go to the Maun Police District Headquarters to pay speeding ticket fines, for going over the 60 kph speed limit. There is a line, and Max bumps their vehicle to a post. Before that, Max & Katie forget where they park their car. A man helps Caroline & Jennifer by driving off to change their dollars to the local currency.

Pam & Winnie are in 2nd place as Winnie grabs two goats to ferry through the river. Winnie grabs the sleepy one first. While Winnie runs after the second one, Pam holds the first kid down. One of the goats pee on her leg as Winnie, like most everyone else, has a hard time maneuvering the canoe. Now I know why kids are called kids. They do sound like crying kids.

After the goat challenge, teams ride water taxis to choose between Brains and Brawn. In Brains, they pass cardboard cutouts of ten animals then arrange them in order. If they don’t get the right order, they need to go back and go through the horseback ride again. In Brawn, teams must convince donkeys to pull firewood. Pam & Winnie, in 2nd place, have a hard time convincing 2 front asses to move, so they move to Brawn, where Chuck & Wynona are ahead of them and finish Brawn in one go. Both teams divide the memory challenge between them, each member memorizing five animals each.

Mona & Beth finish 2nd, followed by Caroline & Jennifer, who high-five them. Chuck and Wynona follow them. Phil surprises Max & Katie by telling them that they are still in the race, after finishing second to the last. They follow Joey & Meghan.

That’s our recap of The Amazing Race today, 3/31/13. We’ll have another recap in 2 weeks, on 4/14/13. Check out our Amazing Race archive HERE.

Image Credit: The Amazing Race