Glee Recap: Finn Returns to McKinley with a Li’l Help From Mr. Shue & Puck

Glee is all about chasing dreams tonight, dreams that make a person endure all pain and forego a lot of opportunities to have a shot at something that would give a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Finn Hudson feels that way, now that he’s enrolled in the University of Lima to become a teacher. It’s quite tough, though, since he always finds himself being tortured by everything that’s fun and carefree in college (in fact, any form of parties and events). When Puck appears in his dorm room, ready to party like any college kid does, Finn throws caution to the wind and joins Puck’s dream of experiencing all the social perks of being in college.

Over to McKinley High, Mr. Shue is bent on conquering regionals by literally applying the “Dreams” theme to the New Directions’ setlist. The songs he has lined up aren’t that enticing: outdated and pretty much unrecognizable by the younger generation. Initially, the rest keep their sentiments to themselves; even Marley quells her enthusiasm on pushing her original compositions. However, Blaine’s determined to at least make themselves heard by urging his friends to look for great songs that will replace Mr. Shue’s original choices.

On the day that Blaine elects to raise the issue, Mr. Shue loses his cool and accuses them for openly defying him. He gets extremely harsh at Blaine, Wade/ Unique and Sam who up to that point have been having some internal conflicts of their own (e.g. Sam’s dual personality disorder resulting from the anxiety he’s feeling at his impending separation with Brittany who’s likely to end up in MIT). This is probably the tip of the iceberg amongst Shue’s frustrations, one which started after Finn refuses to go back and work with him.

For Finn, Shue’s apology isn’t as enticing as having extreme fun with Puck in tow; it doesn’t hurt one bit that both guys have been invited to join a fraternity after bringing all the fun back to their house. His conversation with Rachel may have contributed to his change of heart: he urges her to use a song that she’s passionate about during her audition stint for the musical “Funny Girl”. Finn takes his own advice and goes back to McKinley (and with Puck’s prodding to take school seriously) under the condition that Shue treats him as an equal. Shue agrees for as long as they get past their dark moment. That being said, the New Directions are now ready to conquer regionals by using Marley’s songs and having Finn on-board.

As for Rachel, she finally gets a callback from the musical’s producers after a very sentimental performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” for one reason: the original members of the New Directions are back singing together, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Gosh, I miss Mercedes! Fox says only three episodes are left for this season and the big question is this: will Mercedes still ever make an appearance?

That’s our recap of Glee today, 4/18/13. We’ll have another recap next week. Until then, please check out our Glee archives HERE.

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