All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Recap 5/5/13: Marilu Fired Over Party Chess

Marilu gets kicked out of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice for coming up with chess lessons for the King suite party. Foxwoods executives thought that the chessmaster was a miss. Lisa wins $100,000 for her charity, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, for the Joker suite party, which includes a Teller needle act and calamari heads looking like joker heads.

Five contestants are left on The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, which will wrap up in three episodes. Teams create a party and design a suite at the Barclays Center to promote Foxwoods Resort. Project Managers are Marilu Henner for Power and Lisa Rinna for Plan B. Marilu chooses the King Suite; Lisa, Joker. The choices are Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Joker, representing their different markets.

In the boardroom, Trace Adkins realizes that it was a bad idea to give Penn Jillette, Lisa’s teammate, Joker. Their team has David Burke cook for them, and the party highlight, Teller’s needle act. Marilu’s team has a chess grandmaster teach guests chess while they get a massage, fully clothed, which is strange to Trace. His idea of a party massage is on someone’s who’s fully naked. A Foxwoods executive says that the chess lesson with an ongoing basketball game seems off.

The Foxwoods Resort executives Rodney & Scott like Lisa’s Joker suite better and wins $100,000 for Lisa’s charity, St. Jude Children’s Hospital. This brings her winnings to over $500,000. The executives thought that the suite was a bit stiff for the concept. They like how the calamari heads were made to look like the joker’s heads.

They thought that the chessmaster was a miss, but like how the chair massage, a service they provide, was integrated into the party. The chess lesson was Marilu’s idea. Advisor John Rich harps on Marilu not maximizing Lil Jon, who is known as the “King of Crunk.” Marilu thinks that Trace should be fired, because he was figuratively gone three challenges ago. It was Trace who had brought in Hunter Hayes to perform at the party. Trace had tried to get Blake, who was doing The Voice, and Dolly Parton who couldn’t come in because of winds. It’s obvious that Marilu is leaving the show. I wish the show had spent more time on the task than the firing.

That’s our recap of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice today, 5/5/13. We’ll have another recap next week, on 5/12/13. Check out our Celebrity Apprentice archive HERE.

Photo Credit: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice