Body of Proof Recap: Megan Deals with Plane Crash Mystery & the Tommy Factor

Body of Proof puts a lot on Megan Hunt’s plate tonight: the good, the bad and the ugly. Let’s start with her area of expertise where she solves the mystery of a plane crash that costs over 50 lives. The tragedy starts when a hallucinating man starts firing at the passengers; one of the bullets hits a window and de-pressurizes the plane. As a result, the plane splits where one part crashes into Philadelphia’s power grid (which interrupts the city’s supply of electricity) while another part plunges in the city’s remote section. Following Tommy’s theory, Megan’s team eventually confirm that the air marshal did all the shooting, albeit under the influence of drugs.

Based on the air marshal’s body autopsy, Megan theorizes that somebody went to great lengths to silence the man by drugging him. As soon as her team discovers that the body of Carla Mendez is missing, they deal with the fact that one of the survivors is working hard to cover his/her tracks of the crime. Kate Murphy and Adam Lucas stumble into Carla’s body in an elevator’s emergency exit just as they were about to escape the contraption after the building’s generator goes off. The deceased shows a slashed abdomen with traces of cocaine, an indication that she has ingested over 80 bags of cocaine and somebody knows just where to find it.

Megan connects the clues after learning from Tommy that a flight attendant (Pam Jacks) who survived the crash takes in Digoxin for her heart ailment, the same chemical found in the air marshall’s blood stream. This only means that the air marshal knew Carla to be a drug supplier; problem arose when he relayed such info to Pam who happens to be Carla’s accomplice. Pam takes control of the situation by drugging the air marshal’s drink which in turn, triggers his hallucinations. Pam’s husband is the other accomplice who temporary steals Carla’s body in order to get his stash. For this matter, Megan’s ability to connect the dots and accost the husband leads to a victory.

Unfortunately, Megan’s success in solving the crime doesn’t happen in her romantic life. The incidents that ensue after the crash, including Tommy’s vehicular accident while searching for survivors in the other part of the plane, makes her come into terms with the fact that she’s still attracted to Tommy. Tommy feels the same way but since both aren’t talking, their trajectories simply fail to intersect. Megan may have turned down a colleague’s advances for a chance to be with Tommy but witnessing her man going out with another woman is just unfortunate. And then there’s Megan’s pursuit on the truth behind her father’s “suicide”. She now holds lab test results as to what could possibly have gone wrong with her dad; her mother and colleague want her to just bury the past and move on but Megan isn’t buying this.

That’s our recap of Body of Proof today, 5/07/13. We’ll have another recap next week. Until then, please check out our Body of Proof archives HERE.

Image credit: Body of Proof