NCIS Recap: Department of Defense After Gibbs (5/7/13)

The Department of Defense Internal Counsel Richard Parsons accuses Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of manipulating evidence and asks Gibbs if he is responsible for the actions of his team.  “Culinary Specialist” Petty Officer Lowry signs up for a study where he is followed everywhere. When he realizes that his girlfriend, who was UA (unauthorized absence), is recorded meeting him, he burns the warehouse to destroy the evidence.

At Quantico, Destroyer Cook Evan Lowry attacks a guy who follows him while cameras roll. Special Agent Tim McGee finds a GPS tracking device in Petty Officer Lowry’s car. Lowry had been mugged, his backpack and cellphone stolen. In his backpack, Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto finds a waiver that Lowry had signed, which he doesn’t remember.

The Department of Defense Independent Counsel Richard Parsons interviews Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, Abby and McGee on Eli David. Tony and Tim stake out Lowry’s stolen cellphone. The guy who has it turns out to be a deadend. It turns out Lowry had signed up for an experiment, to be followed. When he is told that he will be paid for his participation, he does not want to press charges against the company. The warehouse where the experiment holds office is burned.

It turns out that Lowry had caused the fire to erase his girlfriend Stella’s face from the tape. Corporal Stella is UA (undercover agent).

Parsons asks Special Agent Ziva David if she has slept with Adam Eshel of Shin Bet, the Israel Security Agency. She refuses to answer; Tony sends him out of the interrogation room. Ziva’s retina security clearance has been suspended, probably by Parsons. Ziva and Tim go over the files that Parsons is going over. It seems that he’s targeting Director Leon Vance.

The suspected arsonist is Simon Gravy, who had signed up for the study then disappeared from the face of the earth. His surveillance tapes were torched. Simon has an alibi for the fire.

Tim bugs Parsons’ phone and realizes that Parsons is not after Vance or Ziva. McGee is about to tell Gibbs when Parsons walks in with other men in suits. Parsons then accuses Gibbs of manipulating evidence. Richard then asks Leroy if he takes responsibility for his team’s actions.

That’s our recap of NCIS today, 5/7/13. We’ll have another recap next week on 5/14/13, the last episode. Check out our NCIS archive HERE.

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  1. Denis says

    All military initial enlistments are 8 years. This can be diveded into active duty, active reserved duty, and inactive reserve. Most enlistments are 4 years active duty and 4 years inactive reserve. Active reserve would be the soldiers, airmen, sailors,etc that go to weekend drills and annual training of two weeks. If you are on inactive reserve you can be called back but it is very rare. A petty officer is a mod range enlisted rank in either the Navy or Coast Guard. Enlisted people can not resign. Officers can resign their commissions but may be required to serve out their contract as an enlisted person. (Rarely happens) In the real world a mother with family issues would be discharged “for convenience of the government” wich is a honorable discharge. If she had a hard nosed commanding officer and/or a critical job skill that may not happen.

    • says

      Thanks, KK. I don’t understand why the show doesn’t explain it when sometimes McGee the Nerd doesn’t know simple terms that even I know. And why does she go UA? Can’t she resign?

      • Skerk says

        You can only resign once you finish your contract. Most times that is every 4 years

        • says

          Thanks, Skerk. Are you in the navy? KK, are you in the navy too? According to, most general officers serve a minimum of four years. Why is there a minimum requirement? Because of the free education?