Undercover Boss Recap: Updates on Epic and Controversial Employees

Undercover Boss turns the table around as it features the “epic” employees who have appeared in the show since it premiered in 2010. It’s got everything: from the classic hard-working people who have been rewarded for their loyalty and perseverance to the ones who infuriated the executives. For the employees who finally rose up the ranks, the general sentiment is that moving up means endless possibilities.  7-Eleven’s Igor is now doing well with his own franchise and so is Marques who has progressed to being the 100% sole owner of a Philly Pretzel Factory store. Marques is the epitome of a successful franchise owner with the highest sales record at 80%, one which he has doubled for his store in a short span of time. Success also allows him to properly provide a quality life for his young daughters. Johanna of Checkers rose up the ranks from crew member to manager, one which allows her to inspire her own crew members and believe that there’s life beyond what she had before. Christi of Squaw Alpine Meadows shares the feeling now that she’s part of the company’s marketing group. She feels that a big load has been removed from her shoulders.

Angel of Modell Sporting Goods and Veronica of Diamond Resorts in Los Cabos now have new homes to enjoy and enough time to spend with their own families. Angel loves the peace and stability that home ownership and a job promotion provide. Veronica agrees, especially after CEO Stephen Cloobeck financed her daughter’s surgery. Randy, another Diamond Resorts employee who got reprieve for half his mortgage has finally paid it in full and invested his $50,000 cash from Cloobeck to put up a scuba-diving business. Upward mobility also inspires a lot of employees to work better and instill loyalty in a company.

The blueprint of loyalty is best exemplified by Albert who became the first recipient of Herschend Family Entertainment’s scholarship fund. He’s doing well in school and works for the company during weekends and summer until he finishes college. He has no plans of ever leaving the company, realizing that these opportunities allow him to move up the ranks. And then there’s the most memorable employee in the show: Walter of Waste Management never hesitated to fire his undercover boss for poor performance. Before passing away three years ago, Walter experienced the recognition that he rightfully deserved.

Where there’s good, there’s also the bad and ugly such as Ronnie and Jacqueline. Ronnie was fired on the spot after Boston Market’s executive found his attitude very unbearable. He has yet to get a job after getting all the flak for appearing in the show. Jacqueline feels that her time in the show never showed her real personality. However, she’s moved on after being fired by Retro Fitness; she won’t make the same mistake of being rude and the incessant cussing that was recorded in the show.

That’s our recap of Undercover Boss today, 5/10/13.  We’ll have another recap next week. Until then, please check out our Undercover Boss archives HERE. 

Image credit: Undercover Boss