All-Star Celebrity Apprentice: Penn-Trace Finale (5/12/13)

Trace and Penn make the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice finale after Trump fires Lisa and Lil Jon. Lil Jon returns with Marilu and Gary on Team Trace. On Team Penn are Dennis, Lisa and La Toya. Teams come up with new Walgreens Delish ice cream flavors, including packaging, a 60-second video and a VIP event. The winner will be announced in a live show next week.

Right after Marilu Henner is fired and the Top 4 get together to talk about what happened, Donald Trump calls Penn, Lisa, Lil Jon and Trace in the boardroom. Trump asks each one why she or he should make Top 2. Mr. Trump then tells them that he’s firing one person from each team. No! And why one from each team? Why not just two of the worst contestants?

Actress and Author Lisa Rinna, who has raised the second most money among the Top 4 at over $500,000, is fired over Magician Penn Jillette. So is DJ Artist and Rap Star Lil Jon who has a 1-1 record as Project Manager, and has raised $40,000, over Country music star Trace Adkins, who has raised the most money at over $700,000 and has a 2-0 record.

The task is to create a Walgreens ice cream flavor, package it and create a 60-seconder and a VIP fund-raising event for 50 people. On Team Penn are NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman, Entertainment Icon La Toya Jackson and most important for Penn and me, Actress/Host Lisa Rinna. On Team Trace are Oscar-nominated Actor Gary Busey, DJ Artist Lil Jon and Actress/ Author Marilu Henner.

Each team has an ice cream wizard to help them come up with two flavors that they’ll ask people to try out, so they can choose which ice cream to market. I’m thinking that Team Trace has the better team until La Toya comes up with the name Swirtle, a combination of swirl and turtles with caramel in them.  Then Penn comes up with the idea that the ice cream goes “Poof! It’s gone.” He and Teller will perform magic in the VIP event. Team Trace’s flavors are  Trace’s favorite cake Red Velvet and Maple Macadamia, since Trace likes maple.

In the taste tests, Magic Swirtle wins over Sin City hands down; Maple Macadamia over Red Velvet, 9-1. Trace and Gary handle the taste tests for Team Trace; La Toya, for Team Penn. Penn tells Advisor Joan Rivers that Wayne Newton might be at the VIP event.

Marilu thinks of the name “Maple Macadamia Mash-Up.” Gary will dance for the video. The idea is to have a mash-up of old and new dances, and for the dance medley to go viral (new).

The commercial break includes a Walgreens commercial of the two ice cream brands with Trace and Penn in it. Really cute, with Trace giving Penn ice cream on the right side of the screen while Penn gets it on the left. This puzzles Penn, whose idea it probably is. The macadamias on Trace’s side makes me want to get the ice cream. He is funny when he deadpans Penn that Swirtle isn’t even a word. The commercial also highlights their charities, Opportunity Village: Helping People with Disabilities for Penn, and the American Red Cross for Trace.

In the kitchen, Penn tears up as he tells his team that Opportunity Village is about empowering people to work in kitchens. Trace talks about how he was 2,000 miles away when the American Red Cross helped his family when his house caught fire.

That’s our recap of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice today, 5/12/13. We’ll have another recap next week, on 5/19/13. Check out our Celebrity Apprentice archive HERE.

Photo Credit: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice