Undercover Boss Season Finale Recap: Epic Bosses on Leadership & Self-Respect

Undercover Boss caps its fourth season by featuring the most memorable executives who have appeared in the show. This time, the bosses will be revealing how their outlook in life and managing a multi-million (others in the billion scale) business have changed after their covert stint. Who among the countless honchos made it to the “epic bosses” list?

When it comes to awkward and very disconcerting situations, Coby Brooks, Rick Silva and Rick Tigner win this category hands down. Coby Brooks is the very guy who witnessed a Hooters’ employee (Jimbo) egging his women to finish off dishes of beans like dogs. Since then, Coby has launched programs to ensure that incidents like those won’t recur. Checkers’ Rick Silva had to shut down a restaurant after learning that his employees were ill-trained for their jobs. As a result, he has taken steps in the creation of manuals and re-training of employees. He has also replaced the old manager with someone who encourages a healthy working environment that respects every single member. Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate’s Rick Tigner was a very frustrated man for having a team that didn’t had bad demeanor, low morale and communication problems. Yep, he’s the big boss who couldn’t communicate with his Spanish-speaking employees. After the show, Rick went to boost self-esteem and optimism by implementing appropriate rules and regulations, a code of conduct and language classes.

Paying it forward is another value instilled deeply in the likes of Kat Cole, Stephen Cloobeck and Don Fertman. Cinnabon President Kat Cole may have had an exhausting time in the show but doesn’t compare to being inspired to give back to people for every opportunity she gets. A clear example is the company’s continuous commitment to raising awareness on breast cancer and taking an employee with a very high potential under her wing. Diamond Resorts International’s Stephen Cloobeck continues to listen to the needs and feedback of his employees without having to go undercover. Though his crisis fund, a lot of employees’ personal needs are addressed. Cloobeck feels that he’s now better at relating with people, far from his old arrogant and aggressive persona. Subway’s Don Fertman goes beyond the corporate world by keeping in touch with people who were impressed by his recovery from alcoholism. He notes that his time in the show allows him to reach out to people who share the same experience.

Transforming one’s outlook on the things that matter most is benefitting the likes of Sheldon Yellen, Mitchell Modell, Dina Dwyer-Owens and Mark Mallory.  Belfor’s Sheldon Yellen now lives a more modest life: he takes cabs and spends more time in the field connecting with his employees rather than analyzing numbers on his desk. Along with his Town Hall meetings with employees, he gets to share their personal success as a result of being with a good company. Modell’s Sporting Goods’ Mitchell Modell has lost over 70 pounds five months after he has appeared in the show. Subscribing to a healthy lifestyle allows him more time to visit his stores and reinvest in providing quality jobs to his employees. The Dwyer Group’s Dina Dwyer-Owns carries on her campaign in empowering women in her company and being proud of one’s faith. Cincinnati City’s Mayor Mark Mallory is now more focused and invested in public service after seeing that the government employees he met are committed to their jobs. He also takes pride in being hands-on in projects and programs as well as the fact that he has encouraged other mayors to experience field work to know and understand what works for their constituents.

That’s our recap of Undercover Boss’s season finale today, 5/17/13.  We’ll be back with a recap on 10/4/13. Until then, please check out our Undercover Boss archive HERE. 

Image credit: Undercover Boss