Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls: Depierros Eliminated (7/15/13)

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls eliminates Depierros, after Esmeralda Depierro holds up everyone’s 100-yard climb up to a cliff. Last week, she had thrown up. Engaged Couple Ryan Gwinn & Madeline Mitchell of Mobile, Alabama, formerly of Russellville, Alabama, win immunity and a feast pit stop after Madeline puts together a slingshot and Ryan is first to knock off two deer skulls.

Teams ride helicopters to land on a narrow ridge. They have less than 8 hours to climb up to a cliff. Teams draw for Obstacle, Fire, Food, Shelter to see who manages what. On the way up, they meet up with Bear. Donna Nettles Jackson of Fairhope, Alabama, formerly of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is winded. Newlywed Esmeralda tells husband Dominic that she can’t make it, but does.

They reach camp over an hour before sundown. Married Couple Wilson & Robin Sheppard of Altadena, California, and Daughter-Mother Team Canden Bliss Jackson of LA, & Donna are in charge of fire. Donna calls in Roger Federer-lookalike Jeff Powell to help them, which he does. He’s irritated that the ones who have the easiest task asks help from Obstacle, which he is. Shouldn’t he be happy that another team will be eliminated? The weakest teams of Sheppards, Jacksons & Depierros don’t help set up tents.

Food is spaniards, which Bear tells them that they can find on the way. The roots are boiled. Bear also brings earthworms for them to eat. Alicia Berkwill of LA almost spits out the one raw earthworm that she eats.

The other teams are:

  • Girlfriend-Boyfriend Alicia  Berkwill & Spencer Hill of California. Like Canden, Alicia is based in LA. Emporia, Kansas is her hometown. Spencer is based in Marina del Rey. His hometown is Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Father-Daughter Team Andrew “Lucky” Larson & Andrea “Louie” Larson of Illinois. Lucky lives in Stillman Valley, while Louie lives in Chicago.
  • Son-Father Team Austin Vach & Jim Vach of Maple Valley, Washington. Jim’s hometown is Fresno, California. Austin is the 4th of Jim’s 5 sons. They regret not having spent more time together than Austin has with the other boys.
  • Friends Royce Wadsworth & Gay Kyle Krieger of West Hollywood, California. Like Robin, Kyle  is originally from Washington D. C. Royce’s hometown is Corcoran, California.
  • Best Friends Chris Winter & Jeff Powell, who was in a motorcycle accident about 8 months ago, both from Dallas, Texas. Texas is their hometown: Chris is originally from Rockwall; Jeff, Garland.

That’s our recap of Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls today, 7/15/13. 

Image credit: Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls