Judge Judy: Convict Gets Nothing After Ex-Girlfriend Sells Car (8/8/13)

Judge Judy Sheindlin dismisses all three cases brought before her in today’s show. Alexandria Strawter sues Stephanie Holder for her laptop which has disappeared from Stephanie’s house. Caroline Limbs sues Corey Jones when Caroline’s car exploded after Corey’s car exploded from a manufacturer’s defect. Ernest Smith sues Stephanie Smith for his car, which she sold. She countersues him for storage and assault.

Alexandria Strawter left her laptop at Waitress Stephanie Holder’s house. When she asked for it, Ms. Holder, 19, of Magnolia, TX, tells her that it was at her sister’s, then she told her that it was stolen. Alexandria shows Judge Judy their Facebook message, which mentions keys and stuff, but no mention of the laptop. Stephanie countersues Alexandria for bumper damage after Alexandria drove Stephanie’s car. Judge Judy dismisses the case.

Caroline Limbs sues Corey Jones for $3,000 in car damages after Mr. Jones’ car exploded next to Ms. Limbs’. Ms. Limbs’ evidence is a police report that says that the cause of the explosion was the secondary control cancellation switch, and the manufacturer has issued a recall of other Lincolns like Mr. Jones’. Judge Judy dismisses the case. Why doesn’t Mrs. Limbs go after Lincoln?

Ernest Smith of Anaheim, CA sues Administrative Assistant Stephanie Speakes for his car, which she sold without his permission. Stephanie countersues for storage and assault. Stephanie says that she had been in a relationship with Ernest, and that he had been in and out of jail for five years, for, he says, drug sales. Stephanie corrects him, saying that he was convicted of drug trafficking. Stephanie got to sell Ernest’s car because the car was not yet in his name, even though he had paid for it. He shows Judge Judy the deed of sale, which says that the sale price was $1,000.

Stephanie says that when she refused to let Ernest into her house, he bashed her head. She didn’t report it to the police, because he would go to jail for a long time. Judge Judy asks Stephanie what’s wrong with this. Judge Judy dismisses the case, after telling Ernest to stay away from Stephanie. Ernest agrees, saying that he would get nine months if he broke parole.

That’s our recap of Judge Judy today, 8/8/13. Before our recap tomorrow on intimacy in exchange for car use, you might want to check out our Judge Judy archive.

Image credit: Judge Judy