Suits Recap: Hessington Reclaims CEO Post After Jessica Assists Harvey

Suits has Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson working together to get Ava Hessington in control of her company after she was taken out by Hessington Oil’s board amidst her upcoming murder trial. The renewed team-up also gives Jessica a fresh perspective on Harvey’s role in Pearson Darby, one which prompts her to include the latter in the company’s name. Here are the events leading up to such offer:

Initially, Harvey and Mike Ross make their move to expedite Ava’s trial, a strategy which will give prosecutor Cameron Dennis less than two weeks to beef up his case. Cameron’s largely relying on the video that suggested Ava’s involvement in bribing a foreigner which eventually led to the murder of several people. Stephen Huntley approaches Harvey with a $10,000 bet: he can get Tony Gianopolous to back out of Ava’s case and have her reinstated. Harvey likes the idea and takes Mike out of the case to accommodate Stephen.

Stephen wonderfully works a meeting with Gianopolous where the two lawyers lay out their scheme: they will avert an enduring and costly trial set in London in exchange for Gianoplous’ admission that Cameron leaked the video to him. Should the man refuse such offer, the lawyers will make sure that Gianopolous will be tried in court for having first-hand information that led to his takeover of Hessington Oil.

Problem arises when Hessington Oil’s stocks plummets after Gianopolous dumps his shares. Worse, Stephen had a hand in this after he had a subpoena issued against Gianopolous’ daughter. An angered Harvey takes him out of the case for hitting their opponent below the belt and after being accused (by Stephen) that he’s making irrational decisions after learning of Donna’s affair.

Now Ava isn’t concerned about the murder charges nor her public image (claims that she’d rather rot in a cell); she’s more disturbed that Gianopolous is taking over her company. Ava’s reaction prompts Harvey to seek out Jessica, who in turn steps up to the plate by convincing Ava to sell her shares to Gianopolous. While doing so, Harvey succeeds  in getting Gianopolous’s written statement where he explicitly admits that Cameron left him alone in a room as Ava’s controversial video played on. Events eventually lead to Ava regaining her CEO spot and Gianopolous withdrawing from Hessington Oil.

In light of their victory, Jessica offers to include Harvey’s name in the company which first appears in a business card. Harvey’s skeptical, wondering if this is a gesture or a move. Jessica downplays Harvey’s cynicism by claiming that this is her way of showing him that they’re on the same side; she now fully understands the crappy way she’s treated Harvey not that Darby’s acting the same way towards her.

Back to Mike: after being taken out of the Hessington case, Mike engages in a new one where he gets to work with Rachel. The two get along well until Mike finds out from Robert Zane that Rachel is eyeing Standford Law School. With the success of their case comes apologies between the two’s behavior over the Stanford issue.

Louis Litt takes a break from his feud with Nigel Nesbitt after seeing the latter’s cat. He even takes the responsibility of overseeing the feline while Nigel jets off to Hong Kong for several weeks. As for Donna, her steamy affair with Stephen goes off-course after the latter uses it as an argument against Harvey.

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