Judge Judy Dismisses Property Damage Case Against Ex (8/16/13)

Judge Judy Sheindlin dismisses the lawsuit of Jacob Paske, who sues ex-boyfriend Jayte Welch (photo) for $5,000 for property and punitive damages. She also dismisses the lawsuit of  Randall Lane, who sues co-Lion for allegedly knocking out his teeth. Judge Judy awards $885 to Jefferson Nunn for unused rent and the return of his security deposit. She also awards $2,500 to John LaFief for rent and damages.

Welch had an accident with Paske’s car and paid Paske $900 for the damages. Welch sues him for $1,800 for the third party damage. Paske cannot produce the paperwork that shows that his insurance policy won’t respond to the liability claim.

Welch’s speech is slurred, so Judge Judy asks Mr. Welch if he was on medication today or yesterday, which he denies. He admits to Judge Judy that he likes to drink. Judge Judy tells him that his drinking is beginning to fry his brain. He tells her that she can’t judge him, then realizes that she’s a judge.

Jefferson Nunn sues his ex-landlord Michael Sandbrand for rent and hotel. Jefferson moved out after Michael rummaged around the house. The most interesting part of this episode was that Mike had opened Mrs. Nunn’s underwear holder. Mike denies this, of course. Michael’s other tenant, Terry McDonell, who lives in the main house, says that he saw Mike at Jefferson’s apartment, that Mike had claimed that Jefferson had given him permission to go inside.

Randall Lane sues Lions Club President Gerald “Gerry” Lapp of Buffalo, MN (Minnesota), for slugging him, breaking his teeth. Before Gerald allegedly slugged Randall, Mr. Lapp asked Randall if Mr. Lane had told Gerald’s wife Judith Lapp to go ef herself. Randall denies doing so then found himself in the ground.

Randall brings a dental certificate dated December. The barbecue where Gerry supposedly slugged him, happened on July 21. Judge Judy wants Randall to produce a dental record dated July 21, 22 or 23, which he can’t produce. Gerry Randall tells Judge Judy that he could show her his mouth. She tells him that if she had wanted to look at mouths, she would have become a dentist like her dad.

John LaFief sues ex-tenant Jeremy Holtzclaw, 36, of Evansville, IN  (Indiana) for $4,756 for rent and damage. Jeremy’s wife, Donut Supervisor Jessica says that when she moved out, the apartment was in pristine condition. So any damage that occurred would have been done by either Jeremy or his girlfriend.

Jeremy says that his girlfriend had gone after him with a baseball bat, and had trashed the place. She had been drinking and taken drugs. He thinks that she should pay for the damage.

That’s our recap of Judge Judy today, 8/16/13. Before our recap on Monday on a trip loan and car vandalism, you might want to check out our Judge Judy archive.

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      Tim and Jason, you guys crack me up. Looks like I had put up the wrong photo. I must be visually impaired. I was so busy with the details of the case that I had to go over the recording to see what Jacob looks like. Now that you mention it, Jacob is articulate, financially stable, fashionable and good-looking. So what was he doing with a deadbeat? Judge Judy points out to Jacob that he even brought his ex back to his place, after his, um, erratic behavior.

      Doesn’t Jacob remind you of Paul Jolley?