Dr. Oz: Lose 1,500 Calories a Day with Pea Protein (8/19/13)

Dr. Oz tells us that increasing our Human Growth Hormone level can make us look 20 years younger. We can increase our HGH through deep sleep, doing weights and taking amino acids. Dr. Oz also recommends pea protein to curb cravings, and to take astragalus to curb aging. Also, Memory Champion Nelson Dellis shares his mnemonic technique of associating items with places.

Dr. Oz tells us that, since the show started, he has been looking for a natural way of increasing the human growth hormone, as he is against injections. HGH makes our skin bouncy, making us look 20 years younger. As we age, HGH lessens, and our fat cells grow.

Leslie Bonci, Sports Nutrition Director of UPMC Center of Sports Medicine, ells us the three ways we can increase HGH in our body:

  • Deep sleep. Don’t eat or exercise two hours before sleeping. No caffeine in the afternoon. Wear comfortable clothes. Sleep with the right temperature.
  • Resistance, through weights or elastic bands 10 minutes a day.
  • Amino acids. Dr. Oz says that this is the most important ingredient. Leslie tells us to get amino acids from eggs and nuts. In the health food store, look for the combination of glycine, orithine, arginine, and lysine.

Next, Dr. Oz tells us about pea protein, which curbs the cravings of 3 women, for fries and ice cream, resulting in calorie cuts of 660 for Karen, 1,500 for Michelle, and 575 for Tanya. In one day! Dr. Oz shares a recipe. Mix the following in the blender:


Next, Nelson Dellis, 2011 & 2012 Memory Champion, who demonstrates his ability by memorizing the birthdays of 10 people in Dr. Oz’s audience. During the commercial break, Nelson finds out the birthdays  of 2 rows of 5 persons each. After the break, Nelson accurately tells them their birthdays, which they reveal after he says each one. Nelson says that he goes to a memory palace where each place reminds him of things. Like if he has to remember to get paper and cheese at a grocery, he has an image of paper wrapped around moldy cheese by the door. He also swears by goji berries, which are rich in Beta-carotene, Vitamins C and B, and Iron.

That’s our review of the best of Dr. Oz today, 8/19/13. Until our Wednesday recap on Dr. Andrew Weil’s inflammatory diet, please check out our Dr. Oz archive by using the “Search” widget on the right sidebar.

Photo Credit: The Dr. Oz Show


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    E. j., we’re not connected with Dr. Oz. Are you talking about the 5-Day Supercharge Program? The 5 elements are:
    1. Super Supplement: Astralagus
    2. Super Food: Brewer’s Yeast
    3. Super Drink: Papaya Juice
    4. Super Snack: Brazil Nuts
    5. Super Human Growth Hormone: HGH

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    why is it sooooo difficult to find repeats of your tv show on the web????? Looking for the info dispensed on you 8/19/13 tv. show re. energy foods + supplements.