Dr. Phil Convinces Women of Catfishing (9/11/13)

Dr. Phil exposes two guys who are “engaged” to two women they met online. Sandie is engaged to Max Moose Advisor. He sends her plagiarized love letters, which brings him over $60,000. When Dr. Phil that Max Moose Advisor is not listed, she is convinced that he’s not real. Dr. Phil also calls LeAnn’s guy Terry James, who can’t tell them his Houston address.

It looks like Sandie and LeAnn did not see Dr. Phil’s catfish episode, because they got engaged to, and sent money to, men they haven’t met. We already know that Dr. Phil will show plagiarized love letters to them, like these passages from pigbusters.net:

Day by day, my love for you becomes overwhelming, and I can’t handle it             when I don’t see or even talk to you every day. A day without you in my               life is like a day without sunshine, a day without food, or a day without                   air.

When Dr. Phil asks Sandie if she has a cut-and-paste romance, she says that it appears to be so. “Fiance” Max Moose Advisor sent her another email, also found on pigbusters, a site that calls men pigs:

You became my reason, my existence. my dreams and my future just by

being yourself and I thank you.  I thank you with all my heart for being                   the most important part of my life.

Dr. Phil also points out some awkward language from Max last April 7:

  • “all now is howi [sic] get home soon to make all this reality and pay you back all i owe”
  • please soon i will ok
  • honey how long will you raise the money

Dr. Phil points out to her that there are no articles, but there’s a “the” in there. What’s missing are “be”s, “i want” and the use of “howi” instead of “to”.

Sandie has sent Max a total of $63,370.25 in a six-month period. Dr. Phil shows her a monthly diagram of all the amounts, including:

  • Max sends Sandie an email in February.
  • Sandie sends Max $8,294.76 in March.
  • $18,352.65 in May.
  • $260 in June.
  • over $2,560 in July.

Dr. Phil also shows her 26 sites with Max’s photo in them, with different names, including “Braden Moose”. Dr. Phil also shows Sandie two mannequins wearing Army and Marine uniforms. Although Max is supposedly army, he’s wearing a Marine uniform.

When Sandie is still not convinced, Dr. Phil shows Sandie Phone Books from 50 states. He tells her that there is no one surnamed Advisor, much less Max Moose Advisor, in all these Phone Books. Dr. Phil also brings out three Phone Books, and shows her where “Advisor” should be but isn’t. There are two guys named Max Moose, but they both died in 1994.

Next, LeAnn and Dr. Phil calls LeAnn’s guy, Terry James. When Dr. Phil asks Terry where in Houston he lives, Terry says that he can’t hear them. When Dr. Phil calls him back, he hangs up. Dr. Phil tells LeAnn that it’s better for her family to be upset with her, and to forgive her, than for her to add a “0” to the $3,200 that she has sent her fake guy.

That’s our recap of Dr. Phil today, 9/11/13. Tune in tomorrow for our recap on a football star accused of rape, and his alleged victim. Til then, you might want to check out our Dr. Phil archive.

Image credit: Dr. Phil


  1. John H says

    I know the person in the pictures that “Max Moose Advisor” has been sending. He just found out about this after some of us recognized him in the pictures from the Dr. Phil show. His name is not Max, and definitely not last name “Advisor”…

  2. Rennie Rodriguez says

    My mom was scammed by max moose advisor also….. everything he did to this lady on dr. Phil , he did to my mom except my mom did not send money but she did send a care package with lots of goodies

    • says

      Amazing! Tell us more, Rennie. So he used the same name? Did they also meet on Match.Com? What do you mean by the same things, like sending her the same emails, injury and full-body photos, giving her the same excuses not to meet? Did they ever talk?