Judge Judy: $150 for Intimate Photos (9/13/13)

Judge Judy Sheindlin awards $240 to an ex-girlfriend for a TV that her ex-boyfriend broke. Judge Judy then directs another ex-girlfriend to give her ex-boyfriend’s address to a collections company. Judge Judy then directs an ex-girlfriend LaToya Rutledge (right in photo) to pay $150 to a Photographer (left) who LaToya countersues. Judge Judy then awards $1,870 to a man for his totaled car.

Tyshara Gatling sues her ex-boyfriend Malcolm Harris of Newport News,VA (Virginia), for $3,000 property damage. He was drunk when he slapped her, flipped her TV and put a hole in her wall with her computer. Tyshara’s sister Ulesha Ortiz says that Malcolm had told Ulesha that he would pay for the TV and the computer. He claims that she had slapped and punched him, and that he had put up his hands to defend himself, and might have hit her in the process. He also says that he had left after the fight, and denies destroying her properties. Judge Judy says that no one would destroy her own TV.

Kristina Valentine sues Ex-Boyfriend Banking Associate Christopher Graham, 24, for $2,543 for furniture and bills. Judge Judy says that the case was too old, as he had told her to pick up her furniture in 2011. She tells Kristina to give Christopher’s address to the collections company.

Photographer Tora White, 20, sues Ex-Girlfriend LaToya Rutledge of Minneapolis, MN (Minnesota), for $2,000, for copyright infringement. She countersues him for posting her intimate photos on his website. Judge Judy dismisses her counterclaim–does this feel right to you? The judge has no tolerance of people taking their clothes off then complaining about their showing up on the Web. Tora shows Judge Judy text messages where she asks him how much he will charge for taking photos of her.

Donald Causey sues Waitress Amanda Jeanblanc of Vancouver, WA (Washington), for $3,314 for wrecking his car, causing him to lose his plumbing job. She had stayed over for a couple of nights. He wakes up at 2:30 am to find his car gone. The police report shows that she was intoxicated at the time of the accident. She claims that he knew that she had a drink before he handed her the keys to his car. He denies giving her a drink. They had met on Facebook, when he typed “single and ready to mingle”. Judge Judy tells him to use his brain next time.

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Image credit: Judge Judy