Judge Judy Dismisses Behavioral Camp Refund Case (9/20/13)

Judge Judy Sheindlin dismisses the case of a stepmom who sues her husband’s ex-wife for $2,097, half of a teen’s behavioral program. She then awards $3,000 car damages to a security officer after Hairstylist Devesha Thomas hits his car. She was fistfighting with a friend in the car when the accident happened. The judge then dismisses Devesha’s countersuit for car damages.

IT Analyst Jeffrey Anderson of Grove Heights, MN (Minnesota)’s wife Bayleigh Anderson pays for Jeffrey and ex-wife Melissa Lund’s troubled son Jordan’s behavioral camp. Jordan was 10 when Bayleigh married Jeffrey. When Jordan fails in 12 of his classes, Insurance Agent Bayleigh sues for $2,097, half of what she paid for the program. She says that Melissa did not comply with the cohesive post-camp program. It was Bayleigh’s idea to send Jordan to the camp, which did not work. Judge Judy tells the Andersons to pay for Jordan’s insurance, to have him tested for Asperger’s. Jordan, who was bullied, became a bully, which triggered the decision to send him to camp.

Jeffrey, who lives an hour and a half’s drive away, says that he has no power over having Jordan tested. Jordan’s ADHD medication was stopped on a psychologist’s advice. Melissa says that her attorney and Jeffrey’s attorney had begged Jeffrey to get insurance. Jeffrey had a list of demands to get insurance, like reimbursing him for expenses. Melissa countersues the Andersons for harassment.

The Andersons have private insurance. Judge Judy points out to Jeffrey that state insurance is good enough for Melissa and Jeffrey’s sons but not good enough for the Andersons’ kids. When Bayleigh interrupts, the judge tells her that Jordan is none of her business. Melissa lost her insurance after she was disabled.

Hair Stylist Devesha Thomas, 29, drives brother Terrance Cowan’s car, which was not insured. In 2010, he bought the car for $900. Security Officer John Couch says that Devesha and her friend were fist fighting and hit John and the Head of Security Lewis’ cars. The security chief decided that there was no need for a security report, or to file a police report. Judge Judy smells something fishy. Security Officer Cory Pewitt, who was in John Couch’s car, says that Devesha hit Lewis’ then Couch’s cars. The police decided that since it happened on private property, there was no need to file a police report.

That’s our recap of Judge Judy today, 9/20/13.  Til Monday’s recap on yet another dog attack, you might want to check out our Judge Judy archive

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  1. TVCourtFan says

    After watching Jeff and Bayleigh Anderson in action, it’s no wonder the Judge in their custody battle ruled against them.

    Very poor excuse for a father who mandates stipulations before covering his children with health insurance – and made even more pathetic by indicating that taxpayers should be the ones covering HIS children.

    IF you can’t. Take care if the kids you have adequately, then DON’T turn around and have MORE.

    Bayleigh is supposedly an insurance agent? Evidently not a very intelligent one.

    If something happens to one of his kids, I seriously hope Jeffery and Bayleigh are held responsible for the medical expenses!

    Most arrogant, controlling, ignorant couple I’ve yet to see on Judge Judy.

    • says

      Really, TVCourtFan? More ignorant than Devesha (ok, you said most ignorant couple) who admits to fist fighting in the car then saying that it was Cory Pewitt’s fault? Then saying that she doesn’t know how much Terrance’s car is worth then suing for $5,000?

      What about Donald Causey, who invites a woman to his house after meeting her online?

      Or Lan Pham claiming that their music wasn’t loud after Judge Judy had seen their party video? In the same episode, Damaris has to be hauled to court for everyone to see, to compel her to pay her debt. Also in the same episode, Kristina sues her mom, who sheltered her, her boyfriend and kid after they were kicked out. Does she think that she’ll never need her mom again?

      I do agree with you about Jeff having yet another kid, when he can’t even have custody of the kids that he has, despite seeming to have more money than Melissa. Or is it Bayleigh who has the money? Now I’m thinking that the court didn’t award custody to Jeff because the judge is afraid of the stepmom syndrome.