Judge Judy Awards $1,000+ for Son’s Loan (9/24/13)

Judge Judy dismisses the case of Heather Harville, who sues for her security deposit. The judge awards $5,000 to her landlord. She awards $1,212 to Cecil Higginbotham III whose son, Cecil III, owes him money. She directs Edward Collins, Jr., to pay $450 for the damage he did to his neighbor Willie Johnson’s car. She dismisses the case of Mr. Johnson, who sues Edward for getting him arrested.

Heather Harville of Virginia, VA,  her 4 kids, her brother, Russell Lewis, his wife Robyn and their 3-year-old daughter move into an apartment. Heather’s brother’s family and her 2 dogs are not on the lease, because Heather had not anticipated them staying with her full-time, which they did.

Heather shows Judge Judy her lease, which includes a Russell H. Lewis, Sr. Heather’s dad denies that he was not designated a Sr. in the courts, but admits that he is the guy in the lease. Judge Judy points out that it wasn’t Heather’s brother who had signed the lease. Heather did not expect to have pets, so she didn’t have pet deposit, but let her landlord Terry Dugan know.

She claims that her brother’s family had not paid rent, which Judge Judy doesn’t believe. Mr. Dugan shows the judge the photos of what she calls a”pig sty” that Heather and families had left behind.

Heather does not go through a walk-through or take photos of when she moved out in April. She had put the keys in his mailbox, to indicate that she was moving out. She claims that the house was clean when she left, and that someone had broken into the house. Heather’s dad belies her story, by saying that she had to go to an emergency room. Judge Judy tells him that he, Russell or Robyn could have cleaned the house.

When Bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd shows Heather and Russell photos of the house, Russell tells Heather not to say anything anymore, since Judge Judy had already made up her mind. Heather says that the trash company should have cleaned up the apartment.

Cecil Higginbotham III sues his son, Cecil Higginbotham IV, for using his Social Security card, for cable and phone plans. The son claims that his dad had opened both accoutns but had stopped for paying for them after the IV’s video bashing the III had come out online.

That’s our recap of Judge Judy today, 9/24/13.  Tune in tomorrow for our recap on a mom who sues a coach, Til then, you might want to check out our Judge Judy archive

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