60 Minutes Recap 10/13/13: 15-Year-Old’s Early Pancreatic Cancer Detection Test

60 Minutes reports on bankrupt Detroit and how Quicken Loans and real estate businessman Dan Gilbert is rebuilding the city. Many early pancreatic cancer detection tests have proven ineffective, and High School Freshman Jack Andraka’s 3-cent mesothelin test could be one of them. Or not. A City Bank manager saves 105 employees and their families in Saigon.


The economic slowdown has not hit only towns, but the city of Detroit as well. The former industrial capital has gone through decades of declining population, reduced tax revenues, and corruption. This July, it became the biggest to declare bankruptcy, with its $18.5 billion debt. 40% of its street lights are busted. Some fire departments are closed and police departments are understaffed. A car fire turned into a house fire because of a leaking fire tank. Firemen used a neighbor’s hose on the car fire. A woman says that police came to her house 2-3 hours after she called them over because of an intruder. Bob Simon points out that at 129 square miles, Detroit has enough space to contain San Francisco, Boston and Manhattan.

Dan Gilbert owns Quicken Loans, the 3rd-largest mortgage loans company in the US. He has gotten Chrysler to set up its 1st uptown Detroit headquarters. Twitter also moved in. He has bought skyscrapers at less than a year’s rent and renovated them. Producer: Tanya Simon

Boy Searches for Early Pancreatic Cancer Detector

I nearly fell off my chair when I found out about Jack Andraka. When my cousin, a doctor married to a doctor, died of bile duct cancer last week, someone asked me if he could have detected it earlier. Having lost my aunt, my cousin’s mom to pancreatic cancer earlier this year, I was just thinking this morning about how to detect both cancers.

Anyway, Jack, who won $100,000 in the Intel International Fair, may have invented an early test for pancreatic cancer.. Morley Safer reports. Producer: Katy Textor.

Schindler’s List Saigon

In 1975, when Saigon was under siege, a First National City Bank assistant bank manager John Riordan risks his life by fooling the American military into thinking that 105 Vietnamese were his family. Chi (?)  cries whenever Lesley mentions John’s name, as he has saved her husband and child. Producer: Shachar Bar-On.


Steve Kroft’s disability report got several reactions. Like: “I have yet to see a more BIASED, Republican-pandering news report…You sure FAILED on this one.”–Sue Taylor, Oakland, CA.

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Image Credit: 60 Minutes