Dr. Oz: Fennel Seeds & Chewable Ginger for Belly Bloat (10/14/13)

Today, The Dr. Oz Show tells us that cacao tea helps with anxiety. He also prescribes fennel seeds for anxiety and bloat and crystalized ginger for bloat. If your jeans fit at 8 am but not at 8 pm, you have belly bloat, and not fat. Also, a barely there lip print shows exhaustion; closed, stubbornness; triangle, nurturer. Plus: Flush toxins from your body with strawberries.

How do you know if you have belly fat or belly bloat? If your jeans fit at 8 am and not at 8 pm, then it’s bloat. Dr. Robynne Chutkan tells us that your belly has a bedtime, so she suggests eating something like soup and strawberries for dinner. Dr. Oz also tells us that air stuck in from talking too much becomes belly. Dr. Chutkan tells us that we can get rid of bloat in as short as 10 days, by eating fennel seeds or chewable ginger everyday. She also suggests that we take water or coconut water instead of sports drinks.

Dr. Oz plays a quiz with an audience member on foods that flush toxins:

  1. Which can flush toxins from your body after 3 days of having it? Strawberry or olive oil?
  2. What can flush toxins from your colon, couscous or artichoke?

Enhance your mood with tea:

  • Hierba Luisa for sadness
  • Rosemary for irritability
  • Cacao for anxiety

Today’s Ozspiration is: “Believe that you can do the task at hand and you’re already halfway there.”

Can you put a healthy spin on your favorite book? Joanne says, “How about this: A Kale of Two Cities”?

Dr. Oz shows the Assistant of the Day two brains: normal and one with dementia. The normal one is much bigger, and the one with dementia has sunken areas.

She then plays a memory game. He shows her 4 photos of Dr. Oz bald, as a Vulcan, with a mustache, and as a pirate. They turn over the photos, and the Assistant matches another set with them, in 30 seconds. She gets 2/4. Dr. Oz recommends fennel seeds for improved memory.

Certified Lipsologist Anna Sodgrass teaches us what our lipstick mark shows. Audience members plant lip prints on Galen Gering of the soap opera Days of Our Lives. A triangle print shows that you’re a nurturer. Rectangle, problem solver. Closed lip, stubborn. Lightly saturated, exhaustion.

Amity's lip print

My lip print has vertical lines, which show stress.

Dr. Oz urges us to send our lip prints to hashtag ozlips. My lip print looked square, a shape not covered by the show. But between triangle and rectangle, I guess it’s a triangle, which means that I’m a nurturer. Anna warns that nurturers should watch out for their health, because they spend so much time taking care of others. My lip print also has an open corner. Open corners suggest that the person is easily bored, and her mind is constantly working. The Dr. Oz site has more lip print analyses.

Galen says that he jumps rope and puts sriracha on everything he eats, to keep trim. Dr. Oz tells us that we can lose 150 calories in 15 minutes. Galen shows us how to do a double, which I’d like to learn how to do.

Quiz Answers:

  1. Strawberries
  2. Artichoke

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That’s our review of the best of Dr. Oz today, 10/14/13.  Tune in for tomorrow’s recap. Til then, please check out our Dr. Oz archive by using the “Search” widget on the right sidebar.

Image Credit: Dr. Oz for crystalized ginger. My lip print is a selfie.


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      Joan, Dr. Oz and Dr. Chutkan don’t say. Dr. Chutkan just says to put a couple of individually wrapped gingers in your purse. Dr. Oz says to put the fennel seeds in pint-sized Ziploc bags in your purse. He adds that we can replace the mints we carry in our bags with fennel seeds and ginger. You might also want to check out Dr. Chutkan’s book Gutbliss: A 10-Day Plan to Ban Bloat, Flush Toxins and Dump Your Digestive Baggage.