Judge Judy Dismisses Stolen Furniture Case But Advises Ex-Wife to Send Ex-Husband to Jail (10/15/13)

Judge Judy Sheindlin dismisses the case of Cristi Nash, who sues her ex-husband (photo) for stealing her furniture. The judge then finds for a mom, who sues her son for loans for legal fees and car payments. Judge Judy then dismisses the case of a daughter who sues her mom when her dog was injured under her care. Lastly, the judge awards $150 for a deposit for an entertainer who doesn’t show up.

Cristi Nash sues her ex-husband  Rashawn “Shawn” Nash, who she claims to love dearly and who says he loves her to death, for stealing her furniture. The judge rolls her eyes, as the courtroom laughs.

A few months after Cristi and Shawn were divorced, Shawn had moved back in with her, because he lived far away and had to visit their 3 kids together. They split up after Shawn’s friend Sebire Boyd had told him that she was intimate with someone else. Cristi claims that she kissed and hugged the male friend like she did her female friends. Does Sebire sound like Iago to you?

Judge Judy tells Shawn that she didn’t think that Cristi would sue him without proof. She asks him if his parents watch the show. He says that they’ve seen it. She warns him that he could save himself from embarrassment, and asks if he or anyone else with him, had taken or seen any furniture when he left Cristi’s house. He says that he hasn’t.

Anyway, Cristi brings out Co-Worker Kia Bailey, who says that her friend bought Cristi’s furniture from Kia’s cousin Sebire. The judge says that Cristi has insufficient proof, even if the evidence is strong. Shawn had taken only the stuff that Cristi was paying for, at $600 a month, not the TV and everything else that had been paid for. Judge Judy advises Cristi to haul Shawn’s posterior to court and have him sent to jail for not paying child support that has been awarded to her.

Debra Georgou says that her son Brian Cousar pleaded with her for the money when he was in jail. She sues him for $5,000. She throws off Judge Judy. When the judge asks her if she’s been arrested before, she quickly answers, “Yes”.

Caitlin White’s dog was injured under her mother’s care. The judge dismisses the case because the injuries were accidental. Judge Judy tells her that if she should take care of her dog and her baby.

Judge Judy awards $ 150 to Bridget Sylvester after Terelle Gallo cancels. The judge also throws Terelle out of court after he keeps talking to Bridget. He doesn’t remember what had happened on the day of the show.

That’s our recap of Judge Judy today, 10/15/13. Tune in for tomorrow’s recap on a pawned stolen ring. Til then, you might want to check out our Judge Judy archive

Image credit: Judge Judy