Dr. Phil: Wife Robin Launches Domestic Abuse Site & App (10/28/13)

Dr. Phil brings out Chris, whose abusive husband shot her and put her in a wheelchair, to talk with Courtney & Jeromiah. Chris and Dr. Phil point out to Jeromiah that he’s doing what Chris’ husband was doing to her before he shot her. Also, Robin McGraw launches her domestic abuse foundation, including an app with a pre-recorded distress message for 911 and trusted contacts.

Courtney is torn about going back to Jeromiah, who has abused her in their 5-year marriage and has been convicted of assault. Jeromiah admits to Dr. Phil that he has kicked down the door and dragged wife Courtney down the hallway by her throat. Dr. Phil tells Jeromiah that he’s abusing his wife in front of their kids. We see a photo of a black-and-blue bruise on her arm.

Her daughter has seen Jeromiah push Courtney down the stairs. Jeromiah admits that his anger is uncontrollable but says that he has never gone too far. Jeromiah says that he’s not afraid of killing Courtney; Dr. Phil tells him that he should be. Dr. Phil points out toCourtney that Jeromiah has told her that she can’t stop. Courtney is incredulous when she asks Dr. Phil if he thinks that she should leave him.

Dr. Phil brings out Chris to wake up Courtney & Jeromiah. When Chris told her husband that she was leaving him, he shot her and ruptured her spleen. She comes out in a wheelchair. She says that in the struggle for the gun, her husband “must have” shot himself. The show does not say what had happened to her husband.

Courtney admits that her friend was killed by her husband. Jeremoiah says that he’s not “these guys”. Dr. Phil and Chris tell Jeremiah that he is, that he could kill her when he chokes her.

Origins Discovery Center CEO Ben Levinson says that Origins can help everyone. Jeromiah accepts the help. He and Courtney will have no contact while he’s at the center. Dr. Phil says that Courtney will also get help on her self-esteem.

Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw announces the start of her foundation, When Georgia Smiled, named after her mom. The 1st project is the website for abused women. Dr. Phil points out that the teen section is unlike any site that he’s seen. The icons float like on a phone, but with bigger spaces in between.


That’s our recap of Dr. Phil today, 10/28/13. Tune in for tomorrow’s recap on Baby Veronica and a reunion after abandonment. Til then, you might want to check out our abandoned then reunited, abusive husband and other Dr. Phil archives.

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  1. Joyce Cucinotta says

    My granddaughter turned 18 yeras old in January 2013. Recently i found out her father had been punching her in the face. In Oct of 2013 is when i found out she called me frantically to please come pick her up.It takes me and hour and 20 minutes to get to her house she didn’t say what was wrong.When i got there to get her she was at her stepdads. She was so scared by the time i got there she thought her father was going to follow us so she laid on the back seat so he wouldnt see her just in case. She had her cousin bring her halfway to Ohio and meet her mom. It was soon after that my daughter found out her father had been punching her in the face frequently. She had taken a shower here and i thought the mark was from her eye makeup. She had put liquid makeup on it as well. Well she came back from Ohio and went to put a restraining order on her father so he would stay away from her.We tried to get a public defender but they said they were to busy to take her case. So because he doesnt have money for a lawyer the restraining order was dropped. Her father has abused my daughter,his step daughter,her step mother and is getting away with it i am so afraid she is going to hurt herself tonight she told me she doesn’t no how much more she can take mentally and she will never trust a man again.I am trying to keep her calm and listen to what she says she has to go to court on Mon Nov 11th in Burlington County, New Jersey Joyce Cucinotta

  2. Maggie says

    I tried to download the Aspire app featured on today’s show and was shown 1/2 dozen apps and NONE was the right app to help protect you from domestic violence. I went to Dr Phil’s website and was unable to find a way to find and download this app. What good is it if it is so difficult to find and download?

  3. says

    WOW what a wonderful job and thoughts you have of others Robin. I believe you are suck a great person for taking this on as your mission. You are Super Woman so many of us just sit back and want to but never put legs on what we see and want to do. You have my prayers in your works because I lnow this is going to help and save so many.
    Bernice Caldwell

    • says

      Hahaha. You said it, girl!

      On the other hand, if it’s so easy to get out, why haven’t so many people done it? Same with drug and alcohol addiction. And depression.

  4. says

    I think you and Robin very much for helping people. I only have a compute. I would like the web site on domestic abuse for a little girl to see and for me her grandma.

  5. anna says

    Exactly WHERE do I find this app ‘aspire’ for the emergency/private app? There isn’t any info on dr phils show/website WHERE/HOW to find it and download. Great isea if we can find it!
    Thank you

    • Andrea says

      Hello! I am looking for it too! I cannot find it anywhere…how are we supposed to keep our family, friends, and ourselves safe if we cannot find the app in the first place??

  6. Carmen Drinkall says

    After watching today’s show, I’d like more information on the book, Robin talked about.
    Is it being given away? How do I get copy?
    Please e-mail me back,
    Thanks much,
    Carmen Drinkall