Dr. Oz: Have People Around to Help You After Bunion Surgery–People’s Court Judge Milian (10/30/13)

People’s Court longest-sitting Judge Marilyn Milian tells Dr. Oz that you need someone around for 8 weeks after your bunion surgery to help you get around. Podiatrist Crystal Holmes, DPM, says that surgery should be the last resort. And: If your anus itches and you lose 10 pounds in 2 months, you might have a parasite. Fight parasites with garlic. Also: Cure the common cold with elderberry tea, extract or lozenges.


Half of America’s women have painful and even crippling bunions. Dr. Oz talks to People’s Court Judge Marilyn Milian‘s recovery from bunion-removal surgery.On the show, her leg is wrapped in what looks like black leather.

When he shows her how the bones are restructured in surgery, she laughingly says that she’s going to faint. She and Dr. Oz also use a saw to remove the bunion from a mock-up of her manicured foot.

When Dr. Oz asks her if the surgery was worth it, she replies that it is an individual choice, and she’s still in pain so she can’t say yet. The Dr. Oz site tells you what you need to know before you go to the podiatrist.


Next, Dr. Oz talks with Integrative Medicine Specialist Tasneem Bhatia, MD, about parasites, which afflict 1 out of 3 Americans. Doctors suspect that up to 90% of Americans have it.

A woman says that she was going to the bathroom 8 times a day, was bloated, and her vision was blurry. Her colonoscopy, CAT scan and blood work all came back negative. She cried all the time, as she couldn’t get anyone to believe that there was anything wrong with her. She felt isolated and alone.

Dr. Bhatia says that parasite symptoms include:

  • fatigue
  • unexplained and sudden weight loss (10 pounds in 2 months)
  • itching around anus for 2 weeks (no rash)
  • diarrhea

Dr. Oz shows us a photo of trichinella and an actual tapeworm. Dr. Bhatia says that the parasites would be dead by the time the usual stool exam is done. She shows us various bottles with chemicals that preserve the parasites. She says 2 cloves of garlic can get rid of parasites.

Common Cold

Dr. Oz re-recommends elderberry tea for the common cold. He says that tea, extract and lozenges are all effective. He uses the extract for kids, as it’s easy to sneak in.

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Image Credit: Dr. Oz.