Judge Judy Awards Landlord $3,300 for Rent (11/1/13)

Judge Judy Sheindlin awards $3,300 to a landlord for rent. She dismisses the suit for the value of a car registered in an ex-girlfriend’s name because the Dominique Taylor scammed the government. Judge Judy dismisses his girlfriend’s counterclaim for medical bills. The judge also awards $70 to Lorena Mauna for her bracelet.

When Russell Hallock evicts Jeff & Tammy Dorr of ME,  Jeff says he, Tammy and their 2 kids were given 48 hours to move out. When Judge Judy tells Jeff  to fix the damage that his son did, he asks her if she wants him to do carpentry work on someone else’s house. The judge tells him that she wants him to lose the attitude. Russell shows photos of seafood that he says the Dorrs hid throughout the house. He sues them for $4,875.

Dominique could only have a car registered under his name when he has full coverage, so he registers it under an ex’s girlfriend’s name. He claims that the next ex,  Echo Agnew, wrote on the title. Huh?

Anyway, he sues Echo for the value of the car. Judge Judy tells him that he cannot be rewarded for scamming the government. Echo countersues him for $5,000 for medical bills.

Echo says that Dominique punched 50x at the back of her head, her left temple and her rib cage. She was on a bus stop on her way to school. He drove tot he bus stop and cursed her. He chased her and pulled her into the car by her hair, then choked her in the car. He then dragged her up the stairs of their apartment. She says that the neighbors heard her “screamin'”. He said to her, why would she want to leave him, he loved her and wanted to work things out, that he’s sorry, and won’t hurt her again.

The judge reads the hospital report, which states that Echo had minor head injury and facial contusions. She presents the police report of another time that “he had jumped on me”.

When Dominique says that it’s a lie, Judge Judy asks him if he thinks that she had beaten herself up. He says that Echo and her mom got Echo’s clothes on December 24. The incident allegedly happened on December 29. His “baby’s momma”, Ex 1, had been with him. Judge Judy’s bailiff Petri Hawkins Byrd hands Echo tissues for her sniffles.

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Image credit: Judge Judy