Dr. Phil Helps Katherine Who Thinks Daughter-in-Law is a Killer (11/20/13)

Dr. Phil gives help to Katherine, who says that daughter-in-law Nicole has 5 names, isn’t an attorney, and worked with Katherine’s opponents to have Katherine’s son Michael killed. Nicole points out that Michael died after Katherine lost the election. Dr. Phil‘s investigator says that Nicole is her real name and that her atttorney status is active. Dr. Phil praises Katherine’s son Ty for his patience.

From yesterday’s logical and calm episode over a tabloid fodder death, Dr. Phil goes back to kookoo mode. Ty says that his wife Nicole and his mom Katherine Wicker Amey have not talked in over 7 years. Katherine has accused Nicole of giving Ty psychotropic drugs via his genitals. And that she has used voodoo on him. Katherine points out that their phone number and the address where they got married are both 666’s. Dr. Phil asks Ty if he has married the “spawn of Satan”. Katherine has accused Nicole of murder, political corruption and lying about her law degree.

Nicole says, “My husband’s mother is insane.” Katherine defers to Dr. Phil’s expertise to determine how crazy she is: “C’mon, Dr. Phil.” She asks them if they think that going on Dr. Phil would change what she knows.

Nicole has told Ty that Katherine should not have accepted the endorsement for Lynwood City Council. Katherine accuses Nicole of feeding information to her opponents. Katherine also wrote her Representative: “During my campaign a woman dating my oldest son named Nicole (claiming to be an attorney) moved into my home [sic] drugged us and sabotaged my campaign” And: “I have been followed, threaten [sic], humiliated, and called an informant…” She also says that Nicole has 5 names.

In another letter, Katherine goes, “This letter is in reference to an attorney going by the name of Nicole…This woman is a fraud…and should be prosecuted and sent to jail.” On the show, she asks Nicole when she was born, ’71 or ’75. Nicole replies that she can’t get into her reality. Katherine also wrote President Obama asking him to “ask Linda Sanchez and Hillary Clinton” to look into their subordinates having Michael killed: “These people have killed my son setting him up…”

Katherine has left a voice mail threatening Ty & Nicole’s kids, which we hear. Katherine said that the 1st part of the message was her, but later admits that the whole message was hers.



That’s our recap of Dr. Phil today, 11/20/13. Tune in for tomorrow’s recap on a mid-life crisis. Til then, you might want to check out our Dr. Phil archives.

Image and video credits: DrPhilShow