The Amazing Race Recap 11/3/13: Tim & Danny Eliminated in Austria

Tim & Danny leave The Amazing Race after Tim struggled to sing Franz Schubert with The Vienna Boys Choir in Austria. Travis & Nicole finish 1st and win a trip to Aguila. Tim & Marie steal Jason & Amy’s cab. Jason & Amy had tried to Fast Forward, but couldn’t bungee jump because of the strong wind. Travis & Nicole tried to follow them, but Travis decided midway to abandon the trip. Last week, Exes Tim & Marie zoomed from last to 1st place with their Express Pass. Best Friends Tim & Danny U-turned Cousins Leo (the balding one) & Jamal, who in turn U-turned bearded, fair-skinned Childhood Friends Brandon (has…

60 Minutes Recap: Listening Devices Masked as Smoke Alarms for 9/11 Accused (11/3/13)

60 Minutes shows us the 9/11 trial courtroom at Guantanamo Bay. We also learn that a listening device is installed in the room where an accused talks with his lawyer. And: Lamborghini sells 3 $4 million cars, sight unseen. For its 50th anniversary party, owners bring 50 cars to the Italian piazza. And: Crimson Tide Nick Saban’s 5-1/2 million-dollar salary is the best investment of the University of Alabama. 9/11 Trial The most interesting story of the 3 this week is on the 9/11 terrorists housed in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where they face the biggest crime tribunal since Nuremberg….

The Suze Orman Show: Force Bank into Short Sale (11/2/13)

The Suze Orman Show advises Michelle to buy another property before stopping payment on an underwater townhouse, to force the lender into a short sale. She also advises a wife who’s been overspending to cut her credit cards and use a debit card with alerts. And: Suze denies a NYC marathon trip to Louise and husband. Suze makes the most surprising advice since she advised another Michelle to file for bankruptcy. She tells Michelle to buy a new house, then stop paying the bank for her underwater property, so the lender would be forced to agree to a short sale….

MasterChef Junior Semifinals Recap 11/1/13: Alexander, Dara in Finals

Alexander and Dara’s chicken winners bring them to the MasterChef Junior finale part 2. Troy had won the soft-boiled egg challenge and got to choose everyone’s chicken parts. Unfortunately, his chicken was undercooked. He had picked the liver, the part that no one wanted, for Alexander, who had made a pate out of it. The Top 4 junior home cooks cook soft-boiled egg without a timer. After all the Beef Wellington and other culinary acrobatics this season, this is so boring. I can’t cook anything but. Doesn’t this challenge belong to Episode 1? Fair-skinned, brown-haired Troy, 12, of Thousand Oaks, Calif., wins it. Clean-cut, fair-skinned Jack,…

Judge Judy Awards Landlord $3,300 for Rent (11/1/13)

Judge Judy Sheindlin awards $3,300 to a landlord for rent. She dismisses the suit for the value of a car registered in an ex-girlfriend’s name because the Dominique Taylor scammed the government. Judge Judy dismisses his girlfriend’s counterclaim for medical bills. The judge also awards $70 to Lorena Mauna for her bracelet. When Russell Hallock evicts Jeff & Tammy Dorr of ME,  Jeff says he, Tammy and their 2 kids were given 48 hours to move out. When Judge Judy tells Jeff  to fix the damage that his son did, he asks her if she wants him to do carpentry…