The Biggest Loser Recap 12/3/13: Ruben Studdard Eliminated Again

Ruben Studdard is not The Biggest Loser. He had lowest weight loss percentage in Dolvett’s Red Team. The wheel had picked Jay to go back to his hometown to train with the White Team’s Jillian. Dolvett gets Rachel back in a competition-sized pool for the 1st time in 6 years. Outside the ranch, Holley has lost 91 pounds and lifted 15 lbs. more than when she was at the ranch.

Last week, fair-skinned, blond, straight- & long-haired Olympic Weightlifter/Caterer Holley Mangold, 24, of Columbus, Ohio, went home. She had the least weight loss percentage in the Blue Team, which had won the Thanksgiving battle and got family visits as rewards. Trainer Bob Harper had predicted, based on history, that his team would not do well with the distractions. Bob had revealed his sexual preference for the 1st time on Biggest Loser to encourage Bobby to come out to his dad. Host Alison Sweeney revealed that it was double elimination time.

This week, Host Alison Sweeney spins the wheel to see who goes to his/her hometown and represents his/her team in the weigh in. It’s Jay. Trainer Jillian Michaels spends a week in Jay’s hometown in Missouri. Bob trains White Team’s Marie and Tumi. The funniest part of this episode is when Bob says that he’s lighting a candle for Jay. Bob uses his hands to mimic all of Jillian yapping at Jay.

We also see how Holley looks like today. She joined the ranch at 351 lbs. Today, she weighs 260 pounds, and has lifted 240 lbs. in an American Open qualifier. At the Biggest Loser ranch, she had lifted 225 pounds. Her goal was to either lift just as heavy a weight with a smaller frame, or even higher. Holley plans to bring home a medal from the 2016 Olympic Games.

Trainer Dolvett Quince gets Champion Swimmer Rachel back in a competition-sized pool for the 1st time in 6 years. Her butterfly clocks in at 1:24, then at 1:20.

On Bob’s Blue Team are:

  • Attorney Bobby Saleem, 28, of Chicago, Illinois, 358 pounds*
  • Clinical Research Professional/Event Planner Chelsea Arthurs, 28, 241 pounds, blonde, of Raleigh, North Carolina
  • clean-Cut, fair-skinned Sales Consultant/Entrepreneur Hap Holmstead, 26, 403 pounds, of Pleasant Grove, Utah
  • Bearded, brown-haired Retail Manager Matt Hooper, 38, 356 pounds, of Georgetown, Massachusetts

On Jilllian’s White Team are:

  • Cowboy-hatted Marketing Associate Jay Sheets, 38, 297 pounds, of Farmington, Missouri
  • Senior Staff Accountant Marie Pearl, 30, 249 pounds, of Springfield, Missouri
  • the only African-American woman this season, Brand Strategist Tumi Oguntala, 41, 319 pounds, of Clifton Park, New York, who has lost

On Dolvett’s Red Team were:

  • bearded, fair-skinned Project Manager/Social Commerce Manager David Brown, 43, 409 pounds, of Edmond, Oklahoma
  • Straight-haired, fair-skinned Clerk/Bookkeeper Jennifer Messer, 42, 266 pounds of Abingdon, Virginia
  • Voice-Over Artist Rachel Frederickson, 24, 260 pounds, of Los Angeles, California
  • Restaurant COO Tanya Winfield, 41, 262 pounds, of Plainfield, Illinois
  • American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard , 35, 462 pounds, of Birmingham, Alabama

*Unless otherwise indicated, weights are as of the start of the season



That’s our recap of The Biggest Loser today, 12/3/13. Tune in for next week’s recap on the workplace obesity quiz. Til then, please check out our The Biggest Loser archive HERE. 

Image credit:  The Biggest Loser