Dr. Oz: 48-Hour Holiday Detox with Melons, Coconut Water (12/9/13)

Today, The Dr. Oz Show tells us that the site has the 2-day holiday detox plan to help “unpack” the pounds. If you have a hangover, replenish your electrolytes with a shot of pickle juice. The salt in the juice is key to making you feel better. And: stop constipation with fennel tea. Mix crushed fennel seeds with warm water, to make a cup, drink it and eat the seeds as well.


Dr. Oz tells us how to offset the damage of holiday eating and drinking. Flush toxins from your kidney, recharge your metabolism and banish bloat with his detox:

  • 2 days
  • Eat the same thing both days
  • 5 cups fast flush water. Mix 1 cup coconut water, 3 cups melon (cantaloupe or any other melon that you like) and 2 cups water. Out of the 8 cups of water each day, we can replace 5 of them with the fast flush water. Dr. Oz shows us a vat of “kidneys” full of water to represent bloat. He and an audience member hose down a bloated female figure until it becomes thinner. The vat’s blue water becomes less, too. Dr. Oz says that we feel better after that.
  • low glycemic soup for lunch
  • detoxifying cabbage salad for dinner. Dr. Oz shows a woman who knocks people away for chocolate cake. He shows her how the cake and other junk food can get lodged in the intestines. Cabbage helps makes us go.
  • chocolate tea as a snack to recharge your metabolism. A woman says that she loves Mallomars so much that it was a nickname for her. Mallomars is available only around Christmastime.


Dr. Oz tells us that our body makes blood sugar continuously, like toilet paper that goes on and on. That is, until we take too much alcohol, which cuts the toilet paper.

Hangover relief is here:

  • pickle juice to replace electrolytes.
  • virgin Bloody Mary made of: tomato juice, 1/2 lime, 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper and celery.

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Caregiver Burnout

Psychologist Ramani Durvusala, PhD, tries to help Tammy, whose HDL is 35, below the 50 needed for heart health. Dr. Oz also says that people with low HDL tend to be anxious and depressed. Tammy’s concentration is also at the 2 percentile mark. Dr. Durvusala advises Tammy to accept help from her husband. The psychologist also recommends that Tammy get a caregiver for herself, someone to whom she can cry to, like a sister or friend.

That’s our review of the best of Dr. Oz today, 12/9/13.  Tune in for tomorrow’s recap on chicken from China. Til then, please check out our Dr. Oz archive by using the “Search” widget on the right sidebar.

Image Credit: Dr. Oz.