The Big Bang Theory Recap: Sheldon Brought Love to Gang (12/12/13)

On The Big Bang Theory, the gang wonders how life would have been if things were different. Amy would be singing happy birthday to herself. Raj and Leonard might be fat from depression. Stuart imagines being Penny’s dashing boyfriend. Penny might still be with Zack. In the real world, Sheldon updates the gang on his sister’s birthing progress. Amy learns that her photo is Sheldon’s screensaver.

Sheldon Cooper is obliged to be by his sister’s side when her husband, who Sheldon calls a “lucky duck”, gets sidelined by a motorcycle accident. Girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler asks him why he didn’t tell them that his sis was pregnant. Sheldon says that he didn’t tell her about his brother’s kidney stones, either. Does he have to tell her about everything that comes out of his family’s genitals?

While Sheldon is in Texas, the gang decorates the tree without his distance and category rules. Raj is happy to mix decor from Star Wars and Star Trek on the same branch. Leonard replies to Penny by repeating his answer and knocking 3 times.

Amy points out that she, Penny & Bernadette Rostenkowski wouldn’t be there it it wasn’t for Sheldon. Without Sheldon, roommate Leonard Hofstadter wouldn’t have lived across girlfriend Penny. Without Penny, Howard Wolowitz wouldn’t have met wife Bernadette.

Leonard thinks that he would have met Penny. Howard thinks that while his wife Bernadette was working at the Cheesecake Factory, he would have been working at his beefcake factory.

Penny paints the picture for Leonard. He would tell the guys that he’ll ask Penny out on a date. She would approach them for their order. When Leonard stutters, she leaves before they say anything. Howard makes fun of Leonard, Leonard says that the Howard & Raj make him nervous. Howard then urges Leonard to go up to Penny. Howard & Raj turn around to watch Leonard. He goes up to Penny, who wisea**es him. Then he asks her for the bathroom. She tells him that it’s too late. Back in the apartment, Leonard objects that he wouldn’t have peed in his pants.

Then it’s Bernadette’s turn to put Howard in his place. Bernadette would have asked Penny if she could get Howard’s table. Then Howard’s Bromance Rajesh Koothrappali would have fed cake to Howard (photo), and even wipe cream off his face. Then Bernadette would have gaydar-ed Howard and told Penny, “Never mind.”

That’s our recap of The Big Bang Theory today, 12/12/13. Tune in  for our 1/2/14 recap on Penny’s NCIS role leading Penny to ask Leonard a bold question, Sheldon trying to be funny and Raj’s girl game. Til then, you might want to check out our The Big Bang Theory archive HERE.

Image courtesy of  The Big Bang Theory.