60 Minutes Recap: 12-Year-Olds Offered College Football Scholarships (12/22/13)

60 Minutes Recap: 12-Year-Olds Offered College Football Scholarships (12/22/13)

60 Minutes talks with “Quarterback Guru” Steve Clarkson. 100 of his proteges have made Division 1 or the NFL. He trains kids as young as 8, 10 to 12 months a year. He claims that that’s what competition is doing. Brady White, 17, is one his best prospects. And: Lesley Stahl talks with NSA Advisor Susan Rice, who admits that Syria and Egypt are fiascoes and relations with the US’ closest allies are deteriorating.

Quarterback Guru

Over 100 of  former college quarterback Clarkson’s proteges have made it to Division 1 (top-level college football) or the NFL, like Pittsburgh Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger and Minnesota Vikings’ Josh Freeman and 23 others. Most often, it is the parents who find Clarkson, who charges hundreds of dollars an hour. He trains kids as young as 8:

Because of the way training is nowadays…if you’re playing the quarterback position, you pretty much have to dedicate yourself, you know, 10, 11, 12 months a year, because  your competition is doing that.

When Morley Safer asks him if the kids are too young, Clarkson replies that’s the way the game is played now. Brady is one of Clarkson’s best prospects, as he has been offered a college scholarship. Brady is one of the top 100 high school quarterbacks in the US. Clarkson says that Brady is a “once-in-a-lifetime” athlete, in front of Brady’s parents Deron and Andrea. Is Brady the next Peyton Manning?

Asked about the dangers of playing quarterback, Brady’s dad Deron responds with “Driving down the street is a dangerous event in California.” :) And adds,”Look, we’ve worked on footwork to get away from the big guys chasing him.”Deron asks,”How many people get to…start at quarterback in high school then go on to college and play in front of millions of fans, in front of TV.”

Clarkson is also training 9-year-old Travis Endicott who could be offered a Division 1 college scholarship when he’s 12. Division 1 is the standard route to the NFL. Safer asks Clarkson if 12-year-olds or younger have been considered. Clarkson replies, “Without question, it has happened and..that is the new line, so to speak…The new normal.” Clarkson is also training Aaron McLaughlin, 12. His dad Craig brings him from Atlanta to Los Angeles once a month for lessons and evaluation.

CBS Sports Network Analyst and former NFL linebacker Bart Scott didn’t want his son to play football. But because his son was determined, Scott coached him. Because of the dangers of brain injury, Scott feels that “peewees” are too young to be targeted for scholarships and the NFL.


Lesley talks with another “quarterback”, that of  foreign policy, Susan Rice. Susan is the person who wakes up President Obama for a 3 am international crisis. She briefs him on the good and more often than not, bad, news.

She echoes what NSA Head Keith Alexander thinks, that the US should not grant amnesty to Snowden, that he should return to face justice. She also tells Lesley that Iran should not be in a position to make a nuclear bomb.

Under Susan’s watch, the US has scaled back its presence in the Middle East, which doesn’t sit well with US ally Saudi Arabia. As US Ambassador to the UN, Susan has taken the flak for the Benghazi attack. She pinch-hit for Hillary Clinton. She had only relayed data points prepared by the CIA,  in a press conference, that the attacks begun spontaneously. Rice was accused of being misleading. If not for the press con, Susan would be Secretary of State today. Lesley says that she should be calling Susan “Madam Secretary” today. Susan replies, “Just call me Susan.”

Today’s show started late because of the NFL. That’s our recap of 60 Minutes today, 12/22/13. Tune in for next week’s recap. Til then, please check out our 60 Minutes archive HERE.

Image Credit: 60 Minutes

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  1. Sanda Schuldmann says:

    60 minutes should be cut. It is not what it used to be.

  2. Sanda Schuldmann says:

    Dear Ms. Stahl- you should be ashamed of yourself for your treatment of Susan Rice in your interview yesterday. Shameful. WHY?
    For you to say that everything is a disaster when it comes to international situation is at best mis informed and stunningly stupid.
    And for you to bring as evidence of Ms. Rice competitiveness the fact that she jumped for joy when her daughter scored a point in her soccer match is beyond pathetic. I don’t ever recall your treating any of the Bush administration members in such a manner. And to rob it in that because of Benghazi you can not call her madam Secretary is a blow below the belt. his interview did nothing to enhance your image, and it only confirmed again that watching the”new” 60 minutes is a waste of time. YOu should apologize to her ( Susan RIce) and to us, those who wasted an hour watching your show.