Dr. Oz: Mulberry “Sugar Controller” Tea after Taking Sweets (12/30/13)

Today, The Dr. Oz Show recommends taking mulberry tea, sometimes labelled “sugar controller” or “mixed leaf” tea, especially after taking sweets. Mulberry takes sugar away from our bloodstream, and straight to poop. Mulberry has half the protein of almonds. Unlike other dried fruits which have little fiber, dried mulberry has a quarter of the fiber we need. We also learn that breast milk cures conjunctivitis, pink eye, and adult and diaper rashes. And: Cookie Monster plugs his “Me Want It (But Me Wait)” video. He chooses to eat 2 cookies later over eating a cookie now.

Today’s episode is a rerun. We’ll talk about the areas not covered by our previous recap.


With a mock-up, Dr. Oz tells us that dried white mulberry turns sugar into poop, instead of sugar hanging around our bloodstreams. White mulberry has more fiber than other dried fruit like mangoes, figs, cranberries, raisins, dates and pineapple.

What about fresh pineapples, mangoes, cranberries and other fruits? How do fresh fruit compare to dried fruit in general? Dr. Oz says that dried fruit usually has very little fiber, unlike mulberry which has a quarter of what we need. The Assistant says that fiber was important to her dad. Her dad would say that if he could poop, he felt like a million bucks. Dr. Oz replies that we’re in a better place when fathers talk with their daughters about poop. Dr. Oz adds that most dried fruit are high in sugar, unlike mulberries which have only 18 grams of sugar.

Dr. Oz also says that mulberry has 4 grams of protein, half of almonds. A fun way to see how all this works out in real life is have, say, 3 people from the audience eat what they like, in the amounts they want. Their plates are compared for different nutrients.

The best way to get the benefits of mulberry leaves is from tea. Dr. Oz especially recommends mulberry tea after taking a lot of sugar. The Assistant turns pensive as she drinks it, then says convincingly, “This is very good. It’s light, not so strong…” Look for “sugar-controller tea” or “mixed leaf tea” in stores. Dr. Oz ends the segment by urging us to check out the mulberry checklist on the show’s website. Have you tried mulberry by now?

Cookie Monster

I didn’t see a lot of substance from Cookie Monster plugging his video, “Me Want It (But Me Wait).” Dr. Oz asks Cookie Monster to have a cookie now or wait until the end of the segment for 2 cookies. If this is about EQ, does making sugar the goal make sense?

Home Remedies

Before the viewers present their home remedies, Dr. Oz asks the audience to guess which one it is. For Tamara, does she:

  1. Eat 6 mangoes a day
  2. Use breast milk to cure diaper rash
  3. Use bleach to cure poison ivy

I don’t see what this does except to get the audiences–studio and TV–to not to fall asleep. The audience is split. Anyway, Tamara swears by breast milk to cure conjunctivitis. Dr. Oz asks her how she stumbled on this, did the milk just drip over one day? She said that she learned from La Leche league and mommy message boards, to pour breast milk on her and her baby’s rashes. She claims that it works immediately almost every time.

That’s our review of the best of Dr. Oz today, 12/30/13.  Tune in for our next recap tomorrow. Til then, please check out our Dr. Oz archive by using the “Search” widget on the right sidebar.

Image Credit: Dr. Oz.