The Big Bang Theory Recap: Penny Quits Cheesecake Factory (1/9/14)

On The Big Bang Theory, Leonard attempts to make Penny believe that he supports her decision to quit the Cheesecake Factory, until he succeeds. Penny helps Sheldon relax after he supports her. Meanwhile, Amy has Howard and Raj turn down a rock exhibit date with Geologist Bert. They end up going with him.

Last week, Leonard Hofstadter turned down girlfriend Penny’s marriage proposal. She realizes that it wasn’t a good idea, as she wants to concentrate on acting.

Sheldon tries to relax during his forced vacation. Leonard’s roommate Sheldon Cooper runs down the apartment stairs after him, asking Leonard to bring him to work. Leonard motions to Sheldon to stay. He does, sits on the steps and whimpers like a dog. On the other hand, Penny asks Sheldon to go around looking for acting jobs. She claps on her thighs, urging him on like a dog: “Come on, Sheldon! C’mon!”

Leonard calls her to check in on her. When she tells him that she’s at the Cheesecake Factory, he tells her that it’s a good idea to get her job back. IT turns out that she’s there to return her uniform.

While waiting in Penny’s car, Sheldon tries a meditation program which tells him to imagine himself “in a peaceful environment.” He imagines that he’s inside the CERN Super Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator. Whatever.

The recording then tells Sheldon to “take a deep, relaxing breath through your nose. And let it out.”

With his eyes closed, he goes, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.”


“Lemme guess.”

“…and out.”

“What was I gonna do, 2 ins in a row?”

When an upset Penny enters the car, Sheldon asks her, “Where’s my lemonade?”

“I didn’t get it.”

“Fitting Swan song to your career as a waitress, to forget my order…”

“Do you think quitting my job was a mistake?”

“Do you see me drinking lemonade?”

Meanwhile, Leonard and Sheldon’s friend Howard Wolowitz‘s  wife Bernadette Rostenkowski asks Comic Book Store Manager Stuart‘s help to replace one of Howard’s Batman comic books. She tells Jesse, the owner of a rival comic book store that he is mean to Stuart but ends up buying the replacement from him. And accepting his customer offers for cappuccino and chocolate chip cookies.

That’s our recap of The Big Bang Theory today, 1/9/14. Tune in  for our 1/30/14 recap. Til then, you might want to check out our The Big Bang Theory archive HERE.

Image courtesy of  The Big Bang Theory.