Dr. Oz: Painkillers Corydalis, Magnesium and Butt Pillow (1/28/14)

Today, The Dr. Oz Show tells us about 3 non-pharmaceutical painkillers Corydalis, butt pillow and magnesium. DHCP in Corydalis relieves chronic pain, nerve pain and inflammation. 50% of migraine sufferers are magnesium-deficient. Butt pillow relieves lower back pain.


Dr. Oz tells us about 3 non-addictive painkillers. Acupuncturist Dr. Daniel Hsu recommends Corydalis granules, as they act faster than supplements. Our featured photo includes the Chinese name, for people like my dad and his friendly Chinese druggist who are more comfortable with Mandarin than English.

Scientists have isolated DHCB in Corydalis. DHCB acts with brain receptors that bind with dopamine, for pleasure and reward. Dr. Daniel Hsu says Corydalis works for menstrual cramps and headaches. He says that you can’t develop tolerance for it. People who shouldn’t take it are pregnant women and people with irregular heartbeats. Take 3-9 grams the most or 1 or 2 tsps a day. A 100-gram bottle costs $10-15. Corydalis pills have other things in them.

A woman who has migraines 2x or 3x a week has tried upside down tables, medication, diet and exercise. Dr. Oz tells her that pain medication gives her rebound headaches. Dr. Oz recommends 400-600 mg of magnesium citrate per day. $8 in drugstores.

Patrice works in IT and has a long commute. Moving her butt around doesn’t help her. Dr. Oz recommends sitting on travel and breastfeeding pillows. He says that cut out inexpensive foam works just as well. Just make a horseshoe cut.

Caffeine and Sleep

Dr. Michael Breus says that 70% of people who take caffeine at night have no difficulty sleeping. A second study says that cafffeine you take at least 6 hours before going to bed, affects sleep quality. Dr. Oz shows us a mock-up of sleep receptors, a box with holes in them. Chemicals in the form of balls fill up the holes like when we are falling asleep. Dr. Breus then pours caffeine into the box, which floods the receptors. The chemicals don’t get to sit where they’re supposed to.

Aside from dark colas, we can also get caffeine from light-colored colas, chocolate and coffee ice cream and medicine like Excedrin, which has more caffeine than a serving of Hazelnut Iced Coffee. This is what Catherine drinks. Dr. Breus also says that the younger and fitter you are, the easier it is for you to metabolize caffeine. Dr. Breus recommends echinacea tea at noontime instead of Catherine’s cola.

hat’s our review of the best of Dr. Oz today, 1/28/14. Tune in for tomorrow’s recap on Jessica Alba, Alzheimer’s, stress and blood sugar. Til then, please check out our Dr. Oz archive by using the “Search” widget on the right sidebar.

Image Credit: Dr. Oz.


  1. Horispede Mercado says

    I have a friend that is addicted to hydrocodone and she’s trying to get off them’ is there anything natura lthat she can take? Could corydalis help with the withdrawal pain and symptoms…. please let me know asap thank you very much