The Biggest Loser Second Chances Recap: Rachel, Bobby, David in Finals (1/28/14)

Jennifer and Chelsea are not The Biggest Losers. The 3 finalists are Rachel (2nd row in photo), who had predictably won the triathlon tonight, and red line survivors Bobby (right, back row) and David (in grey). Rachel wins a Ford hybrid car. The highlight of the episode was the contestants’ viewing of their old selves, where they talk about their issues and talk to their future new, improved versions. After David reviews the video of himself attaching a note to his dead wife to a balloon, he tears up and says, “A lot of healing in this journey”.

It’s The Biggest Loser‘s penultimate week, which means that contestants compete in the triathlon. Whoever wins it is through to the finals next week. The other 4 compete in the weigh in.

Rachel wins the triathlon. She and David had hit the river at the same time. David saw her finish swimming 1st. After that, Rachel was too far ahead for David to see. David finishes 2ndBobby had finished 5th. Bobby says that he never expected to do a triathlon. He’s afraid of the water, and panicked at the start of the triathlon. In training, Jillian had told him that fear is temporary, but regret is forever.

After the triathlon, the contestants view videos of their sob stories and other season highlights with the trainers, and sometimes with Jillian Michaels (front row). Jillian is the only trainer without a team member in the triathlon. David was in tears just seeing a bigger version of himself.  After seeing the video of himself attaching a note to his dead wife to a balloon, he tears up and says, “A lot of healing in this journey”.We see Dolvett getting Rachel to hit the water for the 1st time in 6 years.

At the start of this episode, we also see comparisons between Week 1 and Week 14. We see Dolvett screaming at Bobby to push harder. Bobby looked like he was giving up.

On Trainer Bob Harper‘s Team were:

  • Attorney Bobby Saleem, 28, of Chicago, Illinois, 358 pounds*
  • Clinical Research Professional/Event Planner Chelsea Arthurs, 28, 241 pounds, blonde, of Raleigh, North Carolina

On Trainer Dolvett Quince‘s Team were:

  • bearded, fair-skinned Project Manager/Social Commerce Manager David Brown, 43, 409 pounds, of Edmond, Oklahoma
  • Straight-haired, fair-skinned Clerk/Bookkeeper Jennifer Messer, 42, 266 pounds of Abingdon, Virginia
  • Voice-Over Artist Rachel Frederickson, 24, 260 pounds, of Los Angeles, California

*Unless otherwise indicated, weights are as of the start of the season

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That’s our recap of The Biggest Loser today, 1/28/14. Tune in for our finale recap next week, where we learn who wins the at home prize of $100,000. Til then, please check out our The Biggest Loser archive HERE. 

Image credit:  The Biggest Loser