The Ellen DeGeneres Show Recap: Bruno Mars Fires Back at “Disgusting” Super Bowl Criticisms (2/10/14)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show became Bruno Mars’ platform in telling young aspiring musicians that success is all about the work they put into their artistry. This was his response to people who questioned his presence in the Super Bowl (too big for him, they said).

The comments, which Bruno described as flat-out “disgusting”, were largely due to his relatively young career (with just two albums in his pocket), minimum tabloid coverage and the absence of a fragrance line (yes, you can raise your eyebrows on this part). Bruno proved his detractors wrong after an overwhelming response to his Super Bowl performance, one which he planned for months immediately after getting the invitation to take on the half-time event.

A pumped-up Bruno told his fans that success is all about non-stop vocal, instrument  and song-writing practice as well as performing to the public with heart and soul  so that “one day you’re gonna be sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres talking about how you broke records and rocked the Super Bowl”. With the classic Rocky anthem playing in the background, Bruno rallied the audience, showering them with unexpected kisses and hugs.

Later in the show, Bruno turned into a willing participant in Ellen’s “In Your Ear” prank where an unsuspecting nurse, Deborah Watson, thought she was responding to Bruno’s case of throat infection. Funny thing is, Deborah didn’t know much about Bruno nor the Super Bowl. In her interview with Ellen after the prank, she revealed suspecting that something was amiss when Bruno claimed he had a chip stuck in his throat and soon as he started bawling (sans the tears). With two tickets to Bruno’s upcoming concert, Deborah will have enough time to get to know more about the musician.

Jessica Alba is a hands-on mom when it comes to arts and crafts activities with her daughter and her husband’s birthday party. The latter event had a pajama pizza party theme with adult drinks that got Jessica and her father-in-law inebriated. Jessica claimed she was too intoxicated that she couldn’t recall the cops, nor the cake she gave to them, showing up at her home to tone down the noise. Jessica also talked about the latest product that her company’s producing: the recently-launched four-way crib. For each unit sold, The Honest Company will donate a crib to a child in need; the first batch of endowment will be delivered next month.

Also in the show were parents Joe and Trish and their two daughters; they firstappeared in the show two weeks ago. With better weather conditions, Ellen was able to fly the family out of Vermont. Trish, who lost her job after 26 years and is currently battling breast cancer, received $10,000 from Shutterfly.

That’s our recap of The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, 02/10/14. We’ll have another recap tomorrow. Until then, please check out our The Ellen DeGeneres Show archives HERE

Image credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show