Dr. Phil to Help Cuckolded Wife to Stand on Her Own (2/28/14)

Dr. Phil will give “specific help” to Deb to help free her from her cheating husband David. Dr. Phil will also help cyberchondriac Brettania, for her stress and anxiety. Pfizer’s Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall tells Brettania to make a list of her symptoms before searching on the internet, limit herself to 15 minutes and 3 sites like CDC and FDA.

A year ago, Deb, who kinda looks like Allison Janney, accidentally discovered that her husband David has had at least 1,000 affairs in 11 years. She found 300 texts to different women on their phone bill. She called some of the women, who told her that he had confessed that he loved them. She found “numerous (sexual) pictures and videos passing between him and women”. She adds that he uses Craigslist ads.

When she confronted him, he blamed it all on hacking. He even uses Google Translator for “private sex chats with women from other countries. How can I possibly compete with that? The women of the world and the fantasy sex. I found hookup sites, cheating sites, conversations reminiscing how good the sex was.” She also found conversations where they were actually having sex on the computer.

What really struck her was “We’re going to have to cool it for awhile until this blows over [sic] if it does.” There’s no comma between “over” and “if”, and Deb can confirm if that’s the way David writes. Every time she brings up his affairs, he’s like “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I said it! Why aren’t you happy now?!”

He admits to having inappropriate affairs with women, including “only” 2 physical affairs with 2 co-workers, which he claims he has ended. He says, “I’m disgusted with myself,” Dr. Phil counters, “I’m sorry, but that doesn’t come across.”

David says, “It’s hard to make love to somebody doesn’t give back.” David says that he’s p**sed off that (bleep) came out when the production team made a deal with him that it wouldn’t be discussed. Dr. Phil brings out everyone David’s talked with, including Associate Producer Lindy Foust and Senior Segment Director Nina Bhargava, who deny that they made a deal

David thinks he can make Dr. Phil believe him, when Deb and an IT expert–who found that David’s computer was not hacked, say that he’s a liar. Dr. Phil counters, “You created the problem, so you can get off your righteous high horse”. Dr. Phil then turns to Deb, “I’m saying what you should be saying.”


That’s our recap of Dr. Phil today, 2/28/14. Tune in for Monday’s recap on a daughter who her mom fears might become a terrorist. Til then, you might want to check out our Dr. Phil archives.

Image and video credits: DrPhilShow