60 Minutes: 10-Year Old Son Shoots Neo-Nazi Leader (3/2/14)

Tonight’s 60 Minutes Crime and Punishment special hour is on Whitey Bulger, the biggest archival thief in US history, and neo-Nazi leader Jeff Hall (his hand is at the left of the photo). Jeff’s son Joseph (right) said that he had shot Jeff because Jeff had been beating up his son. Joe had been kicked out of school and had tried to strangle a teacher, so the murder didn’t surprise Jeff’s mom Joann Patterson.

Although today’s segments are reruns, we have not recapped Lesley Stahl’s 2011 Jeff Hall segment before. We have also added some details not covered in previous recaps on Bulger and archival thief Barry Landau.


Stahl reports on neo-Nazi leader Jeff Hall, who was killed at point-blank range in his home. We see a rally of the largest neo-Nazi association in America, in Trenton, New Jersey. Hall addresses a meeting, “This isn’t dress up, this isn’t a game, we’re fighting for our children’s future.” The future is an all-white America.

Rallyers shout “Sieg Heil!” (Hail victory!) and hold a streamer of the National Socialist Movement based in Detroit, MI, with a PO Box and website information. Police walk around them like in a Blue Bloods episode.

Stahl points out that what’s stunning is who killed Hall: his 10-year-old son Joseph. Joe had shot Jeffrey to stop what he called their father-son thing. Jeffrey had been beating up his wife Krista and Joe.  Joe was sentenced to 10 years in a juvenile facility, for 2nd degree murder. Joe killed his dad at around 4 am, the day after our featured photo was taken. The photo is of a NSM monthly meeting at Jeff’s home, with kids running around.


The FBI had a hard time looking for the Number 1 guy on their Most Wanted List because they didn’t have a lot of good photos of Whitey Bulger.  We see photos of them in shades with dogs. Because of Whitey and girlfriend Catherine Grieg’s love for animals, the FBI went around vets.

When the FBI found out that Grieg had a breast implant, they asked doctors to keep an eye out for her. When a doctor called up the FBI with photos, the FBI put out her photo on daytime TV shows aimed at women. And a tip came from someone who used to live in Santa Monica, where Bulger and Grieg lived. The tip said that they were feeding a cat.


Barry Landau pulled off the single biggest historical artifact theft in United States history. He stole thousands of documents, including one signed by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin’s handwritten epitaph for himself and FDR’s “waterlogged”, typewritten copy of his 1937 inaugural address.

That’s our recap of 60 Minutes today, 3/2/14. Tune in for next week’s recap. Til then, please check out our 60 Minutes archive HERE.

Image Credit: 60 Minutes


  1. Ann S says

    How could 60 Minutes do a story on Barry Landau and documents being stolen from national archives without mentioning Sandy “oops, I didn’t notice those papers in my pants” Berger? With Hillary thinking of another Presidential run, it will be interesting to see if Sandy Berger is once again one of her top foreign policy advisers. Can he get security clearance after stealing documents so they couldn’t be used by the 9/11 Commission?

    • says

      Ann S, I thought you were referring to Barry Landau’s accomplice, which 60 Minutes showed the photo of, but didn’t identify. From what I gathered online, Berger had stolen copies of 9/11 documents and Condleeza Rice had destroyed the originals. All this to hide that the Bush administration had prior knowledge of 9/11.

      • Brian says

        Berger and Landau and the other guy were probably charged with the theft of historical documents to help cover israel’s tracks in the 9/11 terror bombing. “9/11 was good for Israel” – Benjamin Netanyahu, September, 2001.

        • says

          I looked at an article to context Netanyahu’s comment, but I don’t understand what you mean, Brian. Are you saying that Israel had something to do with 9/11? And that Landau wouldn’t have been charged if not for 9/11? And Berger wasn’t supposed to be charged?