Dr. Phil Recap 3/24/14: Daughters Molested By Dad to Get Placement

Dr. Phil offers help to Mysti’s daughters, who had accused their dad Trai of molesting them. Dr. Phil also tells Trai’s wife Michelle and Trai’s ex-fiancee Mysti to stop bickering, as they’re affecting Mysti’s daughters. Dr. Phil also tells Michelle to accept Trai’s suicide, as Michelle thinks that Mysti had murdered Trai.

In August 2013, joggers found Traivon “Trai” Asterino dead in a field. He had a gunshot wound to the chest. Ex-fiancee Mysti and Trai’s adopted mom Leonna believe the official ruling that he had killed himself. Trai’s wife Michelle thinks that Mysti had killed Trai, because Michelle’s kids accused Trai of molesting them. Leonna says that Trai had told her that if the police come after him, that he would kill himself. He had tried to commit suicide before.

Dr. Phil wonders why Michelle believes Trai over his daughters, when Trai had molested his older sister. Although she was 16, her mental age was 6. Michelle says that he was 16 then, versus being in his 30’s when his daughters accused him of molestation.

He was incarcerated for a year. Dr. Phil could not find any record of Trai being a registered sex offender. Because Trai was a minor, his juvie record was sealed. When Dr. Phil asks Michelle if she believes that Trai had molested his daughters, she says, “I don’t know.” Leonna says that Trai had been molested as a kid.

Mysti says that Trai molested their eldest daughter for 8 years, and their youngest daughter for 2 years. Michelle points out that Trai still stayed with Mysti and her daughters even after Mysti found out about the molestations.

When Dr. Phil talks with Michelle, who has a son with Trai, Mysti keeps interrupting them. Dr. Phil says that he, a high-profile mental health professional was advocating for Mysti’s kids. He tells Mysti what Dr. Phil’s dad said, to never pass up the opportunity to shut up.

To Michelle, Dr. Phil summarizes what the show had found out from Spokane County Sheriff Detective Ricketts, on Trai’s death:

  • Never thought to be a homicide.
  • Aug. 28, 2013 at 5-5:30 am Trai’s body found a few blocks from home.
  • .22 revolver found within arm’s reach.
  • Only Trai’s DNA found on gun.
  • Blood contained within body because only internal bleeding. If body moved there would be more blood.


That’s our recap of Dr. Phil today, 3/24/14. Tune in for tomorrow’s recap on animal obsessions. Til then, you might want to check out our Dr. Phil archives.

Image credit: Dr. Phil. In this photo, Dr. Phil is talking with Mysti’s daughters, whose faces have been hidden.