The Voice Recap: Dawn & Hawkes Fade in Kat Perkins’ Presence (4/7/14)

The final night of The Voice’s 2nd round of battles was a sad one with the departure of Dawn & Hawkes (photo in this recap) from the competition. I’ve been a big Dawn & Hawkes fan since their blind audition and was hoping that they can finally bring out all their dreamlike singing on the second round of the battles. Unfortunately, they had to go head to head with the equally charming rocker Kat Perkins. From start to finish, Kat was engaged in the song and with the audience while keeping her vocals in check. She surely listened well to mentor Adam Levine when asked to refrain from over-singing and loose the extra attitude. Throughout the performance, Kat just pulsated around the stage while exerting great control with her vocals while singing KT Tunstall’s Suddenly I See.

There really was no fault with Dawn & Hawkes as they seamlessly navigated the song with their more introverted style. As much as Adam wanted them to make it to the next round, hearing the other coaches say that Kat just took them in for the ride was testament that the duo had a hard time captivating their audience. Sadly, they were reduced to Kat’s back-up singers and Blake made note of this. For this matter, Adam retained Kat in his team and is banking on her commanding presence and powerful voice to take them to the next level.

Team Adam’s other battle had Brittnee Camelle and Jake Barker exploring the sensuality of Usher’s Climax. Both artists chose the song more for its potential to be a springboard to take on the upper and lower ranges rather than a homage to their former coach (Usher). This pairing was a reprieve from the more intense performances that came before them: both were easy on the eyes and ears as well. Jake was courageous enough to take his falsetto and trills a notch higher and Shakira appreciated his efforts to take on the challenge. Brittnee complemented Jake with the energy she infused in her vocals. Although the two looked great together, Adam felt that Jake had something more special to offer.

Melissa Jimenez and Music Box’s sing-off featured Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire. Usher needed them to imbibe the lyrics and Chris Martin advised them to pretend that they wrote the song to capture the essence. Between the two, I had an easier time identifying with Music Box’s performarce: it was easy, solid and in tune with the anthemic mood the song portrayed. Melissa was cool like a cat but her high range was too screechy for my taste.  Nevertheless, Usher stuck with Melissa whom he thinks would learn more from his coaching.

Usher’s next sing-off featured Bria Kelly and Madilyn Paige where both dared to take the softer route of The Pretenders’ I’ll Stand By You. The young artists confronted a lot of nerves up until their performance and this could have been the very reason why their battle turned out to be less inspiring than what it should have been. Despite the disappointing feedbacks from Adam, Blake and even Usher, Madilyn was praised for having improved the most. For Usher, though, Bria had more versatility which served as the deciding factor for keeping her. This opened an opportunity for Blake for that one steal in this round, giving Madilyn a green signal for the playoffs.

Team Blake’s Ryan Whyte Maloney and Kaleigh Glanton were tonight’s most perfect pair, having performed with just the right amount of intensity that highlighted each other’s vocal highs. The artist were wonderful to watch and were matched equally. With Rascal Flatts’ Easy, Ryan and Kaleigh demonstrated their prudence in choosing a song that features their strengths. From here, they did the necessary fine-tuning to stress their best vocal facets. Of the two, the coaches saw more of Ryan’s efforts than Kaleigh’s vast improvement. Blake kept Ryan for his overall consistency and confidence.

Over at Team Shakira, Dani Moz proved to be the better competitor over Clarissa Serna in their take of Pink’s Perfect. The ladies were a bundle of nerves and Adam advised them to work on containing their panic in order to deliver better performances. Shakira stuck with Dani, thinking that she could set off more changes with her than in Clarissa.

That’s our recap of The Voice today, 04/07/14We’ll have another recap tomorrow. Until then, please check out our The Voice archives HERE

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